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March 31, 2009


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Hi Deborah,

Your video was wonderful. I loved the way you have done it. It was easy to follow which I especially loved. Big thumbs up :-D


Deborah, you crack me up! Love love love the video! I will have to try that one out.


Hooray! Loved the video! Can't wait to see more- (and hope they don't cause too much more frustration!) and the music was great too!

cathy a

Oh my Deborah.......Steven Spielburg should watch out that video was AWSOME, you asked for constructive critisism, but I can't fault it, did not see any shakes from coughing fits, nor any head bobbing. If this is your first attemt what can I say you are a natural! By the way if you do cough any kidney up you could always save it for a steak & kidney pie :)

Dawn T

Excellent.... the video was as good as any I've seen... if that's the first attempt... well I look forward to more. I was very impressed. I'm definitely going to try that card. You made it look so easy. Thank you thank you thank you!!!

Hannah Nicole F

the movie was great but the music with the video made me laugh so hard


Wow, you did it, Deborah! You made it look simple, and I loved the music, thanks for linking it!!


Your video was awesome. I'll have to watch it again, just because I need to absorb what you cut and where it went. :)


Fantastic!! You are a pro! I will need to watch it several times before I "get it" all, but I will try to make a buterfly spinner card. Deborah, I could not catch the name of the CD. The music was terriffic; can it still be purchased? Congratulations! I know it was pretty frustrating at first, but you did it! The stars aligned at last. Thanks for doing that for us. Judy

Renee S.

Thanks for sharing! Loved the video. I always like a good visual. OK - now I have to try it, too.

Patty Y.

That was a great video, Deborah! Easily followed, thought using the yellow disk for one of the butterflies was great in the demo to distinguish the sides. Very fun!

You did it! Way to persevere through the gnashing of teeth. Well worth it! :)


Great video, Deborah! Thank you for sharing - I am looking forward to more of these ;)

Sarah M

Love it Deborah!!! It was PERFECT!!!


Woow Deborah your video is FANTASTIC and very details.. love it.. and thanks for sharing ;)


HI The video was good but i felt it would be better to have been slower and the voice would have helped me more if no voice perhaps more explanation seemed too fast but i am definately going to play it again and follow more closely thanks for sharing


Loved the video, great tutorial.

Thanks for the feedback on my other comments, I really appreciate it and I forwarded it on to my friend.

donna mikasa

I would have loved to hear your voice but I managed to figure out what you were "signing"....Thank you for doing this, and hope you find your kidney! I'm gonna watch it again......


wow - fantastic work Deborah - perfect video - can't believe it was your first.


Thanks for sharing! Love it! Would love to hear your voice, but the music is great!

elana k

Tremendous first effort! I was able to understand it all pretty well (I'll have to try my hand at a spinny thing too) and if we can't have voice, at least we have some fantastic music! Thanks and congrats for making it through. :)

nancy de mond

thank you so much Deborah for sharing this technique with all of us! A lot of work and effort, much appreciated! I will review this again and again. Thank you so much.

Diana Foster

YIPPIE....way to go!

Kelly R

wow deborah...this was fabulous! can't believe that this was your first video! look forward to more of them in the future. :)

Becs Attwood

Great job - I definitely feel like I've been educated! Thanks for all the effort you put into making this happen.

Kelly Booth

Thanks Deborah...Loved seeing the video!!


Thanks for sharing your fantastic technique with us, Deborah!
(Wow,wow, wow! Deborah, this is a great video clip! Your editing the film is great, too.)


Turned out great, Deborah!! Such a fantastic card...I think I will have a go at one! :) Thanks for all of your hard work & efforts to present the video...at least now you have an idea on what to do for the next one! :)

Anne Gaal

Hi, Deborah! I love the card! I especially like how you used multiple inks on the butterfly - the results are stunning! Oh, and the Stickles, too! :-)

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