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October 22, 2011


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What a rollercoaster time you're having Deborah! I also turned out to be allergic to everything they tested me for, but thankfully they didn't test for paper. i'm a librarian so that would have been mighty interesting. Take card hun, Jo x

Sarah M

Wow! What a few weeks you've had indeed! :( Good news that you are now armed and dangerous. ;) Good news as far as the wheat goes is that there are lots of wheat and gluten free options. Hope you adjust well to all the changes you're making. Hugs!


Oh dear! What a few weeks you've had! Thank goodness you don't have to give up the crafting - we would all miss your talent terribly! I have a niece who is also allergic to "everything." She survives quite nicely and I know you'll figure it all out too, Deborah! Hang in there - sending non-allergic hugs! :)

Heather S

Oh, My! It has been a very crazy few weeks for you! I'm so sorry your iPhone and charger were stolen! That stinks!! But I loved getting to meet you! and hope that we can meet again. I thought your class was amazing! Good luck with the allergies. I have to admit- the paper allergy is ironic and absurd! Hope to talk to you soon. Heather

Linda C. Baker

sorry about your phone! hope you start feeling better soon!

Berenice R.

Hi Deborah! So sorry about your phone. Lately I've been dealing with allergies too. Hope you feel better soon. Hugs :)


I need that allergy test too! My sinuses are horrible; I end up with the worst headaches and sinus infections every time low pressure systems move in really quickly.


Allergic to everything? Paper? I have never even heard of that. I am so sorry you have had all this stuff happen to you. My hope is that after all of it you will feel better. I have to have allergy tests (again) and it isn't the most fun ever that's for sure... Take care!


Hi Deborah, I do hope that you are feeling so much better & that things settle down for you soon. I just got back from holidays, where I had sinus "issues" from the minute we got there to when we got home xoxoxoxoxoxo


Good grief, girl, when it rains it pours! You have certainly had your share and then some this year......please keep sharing as you learn to deal with all those allergies. Our dog was allergic go lots of stuff outside and they gave him shots for it. Can you do that sort of thing?

Dawn T

what a great post Deborah.... I laughed too when you said you are allergic to Paper!!!! What a week you had! Hope you get sorted and maybe it's about time to hire a cleaner!!!!! at least for the rest of the house ~ if you crafting space is like mine.... no cleaner in her right mind would even venture in the door. Take care.

Margaret K.

You certainly haven't had an easy couple of weeks. Now that you know what you are allergic to, you can make the necessary changes. Be patient and hopefully you will start to feel better soon! I'm glad to have met you in Ohio and I hope that we will meet up again.


Yes, ladies, 2011 will go down in my personal history as a very eventful one for a variety of reasons. Thanks for all the well-wishes! (To be honest I'm thinking these allergies are a Godsend. Now Spouse and Gigi and I will ALL be forced to be tidier, clean more, and purge more. This has great promise!!!)

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