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October 2, 2008


Judy Jung

AWESOME! I think I am going to die of jealousy!. Your hard work has paid off handsomely. The creative muses will be happy in their new digs. Good for you!! Happy creating!


Your new work space is terrific - great paint job - the color really turned out great. Love all your storage space easily available. Your desk top is great. Thank you for sharing :))


The space looks FABULOUS- I wish I had the amount of space to craft in!

Have fun in that great space!


HIGH 5! Wowsiers!!! Wow what a beautiful transformation!! You definately have a new Happy Studio!! Love all you are doing!!!


Whoo Hoo! I missed the big post on my blog. arghh. So glad you finished the counter top and may I say your craft room is looking great! So exciting to see it all come together. Thanks for the pictures before and after and all the details.


Oh my Gigi I just love what you have done to your scrap area. Wish I had it.

Anne Gaal

Hi, Deborah! Your craft room is looking great! Love the improvements you're making!

If you want to use glass, be sure it is "tempered" glass. That will help prevent it from shattering and hurting someone if it falls or something. One way you can get tempered glass at bargain prices is to buy a large glass cutting board. Look for one that is big enough for you to work on, and there you go!


wow! your room is great, I wish I had something like this awesome work! I love the colours and designg, lovely place:)


It look happy , cheery and beautiful so far !!!
I love the little white shelve !!!! I just bought one last week and painted it ? I got one at a flea market for a euro and painted it white as well ...but it does not look right yet..need another coat .

Love the stamp storage !

the magnet strip are a great idea . I have mine horizontally but it's really clever the way you did it !!

I recognize a lot of your Ikea items and your storage carousel . I love mine !! Craft rooms all over the world are using Ikea items ..it's such fun stuff!

can't wait to see more !!
you are going to have such fun up there !!!!

Stampin Sue

Wonderful craft room. You've made great use of the space.


great craft space..love the storage wall. Happy Stamping!

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