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December 3, 2008


Kelly Booth

Yea...Love Lisa she is so dang talented and I adore her work!
She is such a nice persone too.....
Thank you Deborah for Spotlighting her and letting us into her world a bit....

Judy Jung

What a treat!! How fun to learn more about Lisa!! And what an incredible person she is to take the time to share with us in the middle of her week on the blog!! So glad to peek into her stamping life!! And what a dear person she is, wanting to make others happy rather than wishing for a dream stamping room!


Thanks, Gigi, for choosing Lisa! She is always willing to go the extra step to help us....I had a similar experience to yours, and she wrote me right back too!!

I love her fun style, and am so glad that she's a part of Hero - her projects are always fun and I always learn something from them.

Anne Gaal

Hi, Deborah! Great interview with Lisa Spangler. Her personality and yours both really shine through! :-)


Thanks so much Deborah for all of the kind words! I am blushing with embarrassment over here. It truly is an honor!

And, I never really thought of myself as a celebrity before...although I must admit that I do kinda like Star Spangled Stamper, hee hee. :)

Kelly R

thanks for another great interview Deborah! i think it's great that you got to feature such a well-known stamper! :)


Thanks for highlighting Lisa on your blog. She is really talented and I love seeing what she creates!

Andi Sexton (rrlscrapgal)

I'm so glad you featured Lisa! She is just a beautiful artist... you can see her love of nature in her work - which I just admire!!!! Super great week!

donna mikasa

Glad you snagged Lisa as your WW! Lucky for us that we got to know her a lot better, too, after your interview. It's because of Lisa that I tried intaglio pieces and stamping on felt. She's so giving of her talent and just makes me feel like I WANT to try different techniques and ideas. Great choice, Deborah! Thank you!

Anne Gaal

Hi, Deborah! Congratulations on your honorable mention on the Hero Arts blog this week for your pretty bookmark! Wooo-hooo! :-)


Tami Hartley

Great interview Deborah! Lisa is as sweet AND as talented as they come. Love that girl! She's the kind of person whose very presence lifts your spirits...even if only through email. Thanks for shining the spotlight on her this week! And...you totally nailed the description of her work!! :)

Virginia L.

It makes me happy to know the story/stamper behind a great card..thank you for featuring such well-known artistic stamper like Lisa. Thank you, Lisa, for sharing your time and expertise in stamping. Excellent work, Deborah!


Thanks for the interview,Deborah! Lisa is such a sweet person and it's a pleasure to see her creations on HA blog. I can feel her smiles on her voice during "watch it Wednesday". Just love her stuff. Thanks again.

Mary Doak

I am happy that Lisa is being given recognition for sharing of her creations. She is a talented lady. :) thanks Lisa for taking the time to share your world of Art. The people over at Hero Arts are the nicest and very generous.

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