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January 21, 2009


Kelly Booth

Yea! Love Tami Hartley....she is such an inspiration to all of us.....
She is so sweet and makes the prettiest cards!
Thanks Deborah for giving us a little insight to the mind of Tami!


Am I the first? Wow... great interview. Loved Tami's answers (you can see the humor in her answers) and your comments, Debbie, are fantastic. You have a unique insight.

I'm so glad Tami is one of the web artists now - just have to browse the Hero Arts sight more... as thought I'm not turning the pages of the 2009 catalog all the time:)

Great answers to the lost on a desert island - but does the island have electricity? I have seen sewing machines without electricity but not a heat gun. (I'm grinning)....


Deborah, what a GREAT choice this week. Tami is one sweet lady, and I think her cards were my first favorites back when Hero started the blog and Flickr.
This was an interesting interview; it's nice to get to know her a little better.


I should have reviewed my comments - I am such a stickler for my own spelling... site instead of sight and though instead of thought. I can't even blame it on being too early in the morning...

Virginia L.

Not only that I'm learning about Tami's tips/tricks/hints on stamping, I have to take notes on her crock pot recipe to survive my HA addiction. This interview is just "yummo" (as Rachel Ray would say...). Tami is such a sweet lady, I think it shows in her assorted creative cards :) Thanks, Deborah, for your interesting insights and comments!!


Not only is Tami a gifted stamper, she is the "go to" person at HA if you need or want something! I love her work - lots of inspiration!! Thanks for a great interview of one of our favorite stampers!

Andi Sexton (rrlscrapgal)

OH one of my favorite peas in the whole entire world is Tami!!! She is sweet, adorable and very very helpful! I was so excited for her when I found out about her new career!!!!

And she has a great little sneak of 'twisted sister' humor - she let's it out now and then!!!!

Love her. Love this interview!
And MAN! I need to cook that recipe!!!!

Tami Hartley

You all are so kind...thank you for the sweet comments! *blush* It's great to be in the company of so many wonderful women. Hugs!!

Deborah...you are hilarious...thanks for making me smile and laugh out loud today! Other days too. ;) You really have a gift. I'm honored to be a Hump Day Wonder and look forward to reading about all the rest to come! Oh...and thanks for letting me bring that 11th item onto the island...whew!

See you around girls! Hugs!

donna mikasa

Such a wonderful interview with one of my favorite stampers! Hero knew a good thing when they saw it and I'm glad she's part of the Hero Arts family. Her work is truly awesome and I love all her little details. And she shares great recipes, too! How could you not love her?


What a great interview with Tami - one of my favorite stampers since the beginning. She is one sweet and special lady. Deborah, thanks for the chance to get to know her a little bit.


Thanks Deb and Tami too.

Judy M.

Thank you for featuring one of our favorites, Tami Hartley. I am always in awe if her work and get so inspired by her ideas! And she is such a nice person to boot...the total package! Thanks again!


Great interview Deborah and Tami! Hero Arts was so smart when they snapped Tami up to work for them. I am in awe of her talent.


Love Tami's work! So glad you highlighted her work and she is a great help whenever you need it!


Great interview Tami & Deborah! Loved hearing more about Tami...such a sweetie! Great choice of music, btw. One of my faves!

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