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April 17, 2009


Monika Reeck

1. The one that stamp with white color is Not HA Stamp
2. it is from Tim Holtz Blog named : M2-1255 Weathered Clock dont know why he said it is from Stampers Anonymous
3. 23 Hero Arts Stamp (from clear stamps also wood stamp)
4.16 Images were created using masks


2.Tim Holtz
4.18 masks by Tim Holtz (TIMEWORKS MASK Reusable Stencil)

Hannah Nicole F

For #1 I would say the silhouette of a woman behind the E&S
#2 Tim Holtz
#3 I would guess from 20 to 25 but will say 25
#4 10 images

Diana Foster

Very cool Deborah


1. this is a total guess, and I'm not even sure it is a stamp! But I'm going to say the harlequin diamond pattern on the letters.
2. Tim Holz
3. 27

PHEW! It looks great.

Linda aka Oz

1. I don't recognize 2 stamps. the silhouette bust under the letters or what looks like a gypsy women (earrings and scarf tied to side perhaps) stamped at 8 o'clock.
2. Just not sure. Your hint is over my head this day.
3. I count 23 different stamps used
4. I count 18 images created using masks


Here goes....
1. The white clock on the bottom right. The other two white circles - wasn't sure what they were or where they were from, so I'll stay with the white clock, since you said all but one was HA.

2. Tim Holtz is the artists -- Tim Holtz Cling Mount Stamp Sheets from Stampers Anonymous at http://www.nonadesigns.com/thstamps.htm

3. The stamps were hard to count... I don't know if I counted twice or not enough, butttttt I'll say 22.

4. Ok, there's a hint that I'm not seeing... I don't think any were masked. Zero...


1. The Air Mail Stamp ??? I have lots of the Hero Arts travel and faux post stamps and don't remember seeing that one. My second guess would be the blue image stamped in the bottom right corner of the cover, although I can't exactly tell what it is...?
2. I'll guess Tim Holtz, only because I can't think of a different male stamp designer!
3. My best count is 23. That's a hard one!
4. 17 masked images.

What a challenge - thanks Deborah!

Kelly Booth

LOVE your Project Deborah...good Luck to the Winner...it's a tough One!!


1. the white clock at the right bottom is not HA stamp
2. Tim Holtz
3. 23
4. i'm not sure either 17 or 18 but i'll go with 18 for masking..

Yvette K

1. The white clock
2. Tim Holtz
3. 21
4. 16


Very lovely works and such a cool game, Deborah!
GOOD LUCK to the Winner. :) It's Sooooo Tough!!!

Anne Gaal

Hi, Deborah! Love the "Magic Recipes" book that you and your daughter created! I've nominated you for a blog award. Click through my name to my blog and check it out! :-)

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