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April 22, 2009


Patty Y.

Awesome, Lucy! We all love your work, and you sure do inspire LOTS out there! Thanks for sharing a glimpse of your addiction with us! And thanks, Deborah, for another great WW!


Great interview Deborah and Lucy! So great to learn more about Lucy. Just love your inspiring work, Lucy! Thanks a lot!


LUCY...you are one of my favourite artists!!!Loved reading more about you :)

Chris M

Loved reading all Lucy answers and thank you Deborah for bringing us Lucy today!! I'm a scissors girl in front of the TV so I can definitely relate to that!


I am a Lucy fan, big time! She does amazing work and needs to pursue publishing it!! Thanks for the great interview, again!! We love Lucy!!

cathy a

Great interview, and yes Deborah Qtips are cotton buds over here. And for the record the BBC adaptation is the best (the one with colin firth - but only if you have read the book first).


Thanks for another wonderful interview! Lucy has such fun, adorable, great cards. So glad you highlighted her here!

Dawn T

great interview. I love Lucy's cards- there is always something to smile about, go "OMG" over or just admire full stop. Thanks for letting us know a bit more about her style.

Diana Foster

Thank you for sharing your wonderful interviews with us!


I just found Lucy through Jennifer McGuire's blog--LOVE her stuff!!!!

Anne Gaal

Hi, Deborah! Another great interview! Hi, Lucy! I have always liked your cards. They seem to have a simple elegance to them. Don't sell yourself short! They're awesome! :-)

Virginia L.

I JUST made an Apple card (from Hero Arts) inspired by her amazing cards.It's my 1st card being inspired by someone. And that's Lucy!!! Thanks for this interview. So glad to know more about her!

donna mikasa

Woo hoo! Great interview with a great "wonder"! Lucy is not only a very gifted artist but she's soooooo sweet! Very humble and kind and just a big sweetheart. It certainly shows in her work how caring she is and I'm so glad the rest of the stamping world is finding out about "our" Lucy!

Sarah M

Great interview! So nice to get to know Lucy better!! :)


Thanks for another great interview. Love Lucy's cards a lot. Admire her creativities! BTY, "COTTON BUDS", got to love that name.


Hi Deborah (& Lucy).

Thanks for another great interview. I love taking a peek into other wonderful stampers lives :). Keep up the great work you two. As I am such a fan of you both.


So glad you picked Lucy... aren't they wonderful cards? each card is a wonder.

Eveline van Heijst

I already have Lucy among my favorites ever since she won with her critter card. I really like her style. She will be published I think in any magazine if she sends in her cards.

Nathalia Castellon

Fantastic interview! Lucy has such a subtle and charming personality and it really translates onto her creations. :)


Great interview! Love Lucy's cards--they always make me smile! She is so talented and it was great to get a peak into her personality. :)


Woo hoo! Loved hearing more about Lucy! She is such a sweetie...very talented indeed! Thanks for giving us more of an insight into Lucy's world, Deborah! Lucy...hugs to you!

Hannah Nicole F

I thought Colin Firth was kinda creepy in Pride and Predjudice. Great interview! Lucy is a Fave of mine!


adorable cards ! what a great spotlight !


I've just read this.. it is SOO nice to get to know more about Lucy, her cards are always my favorite.. Thank you Deborah for your great interview..


Hi, Deborah! Thanks for your great interview. I was really glad to hear more about Lucy.

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