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April 15, 2009


Andi Sexton (rrlscrapgal)

Am I really first???
Awesome interview! I love learning about other stampers and scrappers, especially the ones I 'see' all the time!
I loved learning about Paula! At first I did not know who we were talking about until I saw her signature watermark! (Pajalu)...
Paula's got great music taste, I must say... and her cards are awesome!!!

And I agree about Hugh Jackman - a must for a cabana MAN (he ain't no boy girls!)


Love the interview, Deborah & Paula!! So fun to learn more about the sweet & caring Paula. She is just a sweetheart...talented too! Love her froggy card & was so "thrilled" to see it up on the HA blog!!

Hugh Jackman...yes, a good choice! Loved him in "Australia." A must see!


Great interview, you guys!! Loved learning more about Paula! I have definitely seen her growing this past year and love her cards!!


Wasn't that froggy card the mostest?

Paula made the world shake, you know... over at the Cuttlebug group on flickr... she got the world map of the Cuttlebug group working... it shook our little world. :)

So glad you highlighted Paula. She's so sweet and helpful... wish I could meet her too.


Wonderful interview. I love Paula's cards, so it was great to read the process behind them.


I am a massive Paula fan - she's one of the nicest people ever. Thanks for this Deborah - you couldn't have chosen a nicer interviewee. And as an English teacher i am supposed to hate the word nice, but I can't help using it. She is too darn NICE!!!!


What a great interview with a wonderful and talented stamper...PAULA!!! Deborah you are such a HOOT!!! I ROTFL at your remarks to her answers!! YES Hugh is a real man...he even has hair on his chest!
Can't wait for next Wednesday to get my dose of laughter :))))))))))))))

donna mikasa

Great Wednesday Wonder! I love Paula and admire not only her awesome stamping, but her quilting as well. Till this day, my jaw still hurts after seeing her awesome 3D froggie card--probably the most amazing I've seen, ever! Her attention to detail is truly inspiring and a visit to her photostream is such delight....Big hugs to both of you for a great WW!

Dawn T

Neat interview.. I enjoyed learning more about Paula. I really look forward to seeing what she has created... always look out for it on Flickr. Loved her LO's she did for the Aussie Fire victims. Awesome
thanks for interviewing her.

Kelly Booth

Awesome Interview Deborah...thanks for interviewing Paula....Love her cards and she is so sweet too....Congrats Paula for being the Wed. Wonder....YAY!

Anne Gaal

Hi, Deborah! Hi, Paula! Great interview! Your pop-up frog card is still one of my all-time faves! :-)


Great interview! Love Paula's cards- that froggy card is too cute!!


Hi Deborah,

I am just poping in to say a huge thankyou for picking me to be a Wednesday Wonder. Also to say thank you all for the lovely comments. I promise (cross my heart etc) to bring the original cabana "man" Hugh with me to the island lol. Thanks again & take care Hugs xoxoxo


Hi, Deborah! Hi, Paula! Great interview! Love it, I have always fun reading these "Wednesday Wonder"'s!

Chris M

Woohoo Paula!! Love reading your interview and lovely to see an Aussie in the spotlight. Deborah, you are such a crack up about 'the dingo ate my baby'!LOL Super work Paula!!!


Yeah Missy Paula. Loved reading your interview.

Hannah Nicole F

I enjoy reading these every wednesday, so thanks for putting them out there! It was a terriffic interview, I enjoy finding out more of all of you.

Lucy I am a Paula fan too, she is very helpful and kind.


Yay for Paula! I have long admired her work and really enjoyed getting to know more about her! I agree, she would be published if she submitted her work, no doubt! I'm so glad to be able to see her beautiful creations through Hero Arts and her own blog!


I can't believe that Paula hasn't been published yet! She really needs to submit. I really enjoyed this interview, so thanks to both of you for providing it! I continually find it inspiring to learn more about our fellow paper artists... just wonderful.

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