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April 20, 2009


Anne Gaal

Hi, Deborah! My oh my! Great big {{{HHHUUUUUGGGGGGGSS}}} to you! I prescribe a babysitter or better yet, that your little one sleeps over at someone else's house, followed by mexican food take out and a LOT of margaritas. Everyone deserves one evening of fun! :-)


Hey Deborah,

I had no idea you live in Indiana. I'm originally from the Kokomo area, but I live out DC now. I hope things start looking up soon!

Dawn T

Oh My..... you have my sympathy for such a week as this.... I know that's not why you tell it... doesn't it help to vent it out!!!!! doesn't feel so bad when it's in print... Hope the sinus is improving and the weeks ahead get better. I agree with Anne's comments... have a night out with the hubby - (let him turned off the alarm and then get up and make you breakfast) and then generally treat you like royalty.


Ohhhhh.... I feel for you really! Feel better and collapse at will! Prayers that you feel better and things become more sane!

Kelly Booth

WOW Deborah....that was an awful Week!!! Lets hope this week gets better....
hope the sinus infection clears too...they are miserable!!


Oh my Deb sounds like you have a just reason to put yourself in the funny farm.

Big big hug for out here in Aussieland. my friend.

cathy a

Deborah, I am so sorry to say that I laughed at your misfortune!!! We have all been there and it is so reassuring that someone else out there has the same issues as me. I personally think that roadworks should only be done in the dead of night and workers fired if they are not complete in time for the next morning. As for your husband, yes he is soooo lucky to be alive, why do they not listen to us???? Thanks for sharing and I sincerely hope that next week is better for you and that your sinus problem clears.

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