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April 9, 2009


Patty Y.

Oh my, Deborah! So sorry that you're having such long, drawn-out sinus issues! :( Boo. But I loved your limerick! Hope your sinuses recover soon. Maybe it's a sign that you need to take a little break (just a teeny one?) Though admittedly, we'd all be missing out... Feel better soon!

Patty Y.

To feel like your head's up your rear
Can surely not bring you good cheer
Some servants we'll send
You'll be on the mend,
And find that your sinus is clear!

(Too bad it's not that easy)...

Dawn T

Deborah.... i just about rolled round the floor laughing at your post.... not your poor sinus problem, I empathise with you, but just your delightful rendering of it all... and that poem... love Patty's response -
anyway take care my dear as we'd miss you if you took too long a break........


You poor thing! I feel for you, sorry no home remedies to cure this except get as much TLC as you can. Loved your poem too.

Anne Gaal

Hi, Deborah! Hope you feel better soon! :-)


Hey there Missy D. Hope you are feeling more like yourself soon.


HAHAHAHA! Thank you, everyone, for the kind support and well wishes.

Patty, I LOVED your reply limerick - much better than my original! Thanks for making me laugh!


Oh... Deborah! I just knew and read this post. How is your feeling in these days? - Better? Hope your sinuses recover soon!

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