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May 1, 2009


elana k

Many though they may be, Survivor is not one of the shows I have to watch. But I gotta admit, you're making me want to! :)


I love survivor, it's a great experiment in human interaction. I totally agree with your insights of the players. Debbie needs a reality check because she thinks way too highly of herself and Coach is a little looney I think. (Okay, a lot looney.)It was so frustrating last night that they voted off Sierra, because she was the only one they could trust and the only one making any sense. Some seasons I have a favorite but this time they are a little too clueless for me.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

Hannah Nicole F

my family and I used to watch it every Thursday, but have been so busy, as well as stuck on American Idol

Emma O.

I loved your commentary....and agree with you. Sadly Sierra was targeted b/c she voted with Brendan (the week he was voted out) to vote off Coach. I didn't see this weeks episode, but I read Sierra's voted off. Thanks for the update!

Anne Gaal

Hi, Deborah! I haven't watched at all this season. But the seasons where I do watch, I am just fascinated by the human interactions. It never plays out exactly as I would expect! :-)

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