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June 3, 2009



What a blessing to learn more aboutJacqueline. Her inner beauty shows forth in her wonderful cards! She is an inspiration both artistically and for her faith and how she lives it. Thanks for the wonderful interview!


Hi, Deborah!, Hi, Jacqueline! What a fantastic interview!
I'm a big fan of you, Jacqueline. I'm always in awe of your wonderful and heartfelt creations. ;)
Thanks so much for highlighting her this week, Deborah!

To Deborah, you've been having busy days as before? If so, I hope things ease up for you soon. :)


Fabulous interview - Jacqueline sounds like a wonderful person, thank you for sharing this with us Deborah.

Virginia L.

Deborah, thanks for this awe-inspiring interview with Jaqueline! She is someone I truly admire (inside and out!).

Patty Y.

Jacqueline is such a treasure both in her creations and in her person! Thanks so much for this inspiring interview!


Thanks for highlighting one of my favorite people...she is someone I admire greatly not only for her talent but also for her faith which she models with heavenly grace!
Wonderful interview, Deborah!

kathy racoosin

Deborah wonderful interview I just love your humor and Jacqueline I adore your style and it was great to learn a about you. I look forward to flipping the pages of a magazine and seeing your cards! Oh ... your blog is beautiful too!

donna mikasa

This interview was fantastique! LOVE Jacqueline's distinct, untouchable style and she is just a gosh darn nice person, too.
Great choice as your WW, Deborah!


I am such a HUGE fan of Jacqueline's cards.....she literally never makes anything that isn't superb! I ooh and aah with each new creation. Thank you, Deborah, for featuring her this week. My fondest wish is that she would have a week on the blog like the Hero Artists do, to pass on to us the way she comes up with her designs.


Wonderful interview! Long been an admirer of Jacqueline's work!

Andi Sexton (rrlscrapgal)

Beautiful interview of a beautiful woman!
I just 'heart' Jacqueline and aspire to be like her!


I tried to leave a message earlier today and couldn't for some reason. Hope to be able to now. Jacqueline is such a fantastic artist. She's so talented and I love seeing her art.

Chris M

I'm not surprised that I'm not alone in my admiration for Jacquelines beautiful creations! Lovely to have you highlighted this week Jacqueline!

Vanessa Menhorn

Oh, thanks for this inspiring interview with Jacqueline! Her style is so unique and the creations adorable!

Diana Foster

Enjoyed your interview. Just love Jacqueline!


I left a comment late last night but can't see it here.... anyway Deborah thank you from my deepest being for this interview, I feel so honoured and blessed!
Thanks to everyone for all the comments too - I am absorbing it all!
By the way, I do have a little treasure chest (with a copper lock too) where I keep the cards that I can't part with!
Bless you Deborah!

Anne Gaal

Hi, Deborah and Jacqueline! Fabulous interview! I love the "Live in the Moment" card ... it is one of my all-time faves. It would fit in with this week's Hero Arts challenge on background stamps, too. :-)


I've always loved Jacqueline's creations. She has this unique style that I admire so much. Thanks for the interview and the picture of the artist!!! That's a great idea!!!

Kelly Booth

Loved the interview and knowing more about Jacqueline...she is awesome and her cards are just gorgeous!! thanks Deborah.....

cathy a

Wow Jaqueline, I am so humbled, I love your work and I totally admire how you are happy 'just the way you are' (as mr Darcy says in Briget Jones) - Deborah another great scoop

Paula Laird

Hello Deborah, I would just like to let you know that I have nominated you for an award over on my blog. I hope that is ok?. Take care hugs xoxoxo

Tiffany E.

Jacqueline is an amazing artist, no doubt about it, she has that elegance and style that is all her own and creates such masterpieces...love it!! Great interview!

Tomo H.

Thanks for your wonderful interview, Deborah!
(I'm so sorry I couldn't make my time to read all the interviews from Jacqueline to the brandnew interview.)

Jacqueline is such a fantastic artist. She's so talented. I always admire her arts.
Loved to read your interview.
Thanks, Jacqueline and Deborah! :)

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