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June 10, 2009



One of my FAVOURITE artists - thanks for the interview Deborah and Tiffany. Tif certainly is the PAPER QUEEN.


Lovely interview as always- love all of Tiffany's creations!

cathy a

Deborah, I have just checked out the stamp site and you are ok some items are 1/2 price in the sale, so Gigi will still be able to eat!! Tiff your scrapbook layout here was as Deborah would say Jaw dropping, I love your style and I too am keen to hear about your book.


Thank you for the interview with this amazing artist. She also gives of her time to post encouraging comments on the entries at the Hero Arts weekly challenges! Her work is inspirational!

Kelly Rasmussen

thanks for another wonderful interview...loved hearing more about tiffany! her paper skills have always amazed me! i'm interested in hearing more about that book too... :)

vera rhuhay

Hi....Tiffany's big fans here!
She's Super Talented Artist!! I always love and amazed with every her unique design.
Thanks for the wonderful interview Deborah!


Tiffany is super talented. Thanks for highlighting her!

Tiffany E.

Thank you Deborah! You crack me up with some of your words, omg!! Too hilarious!! Still wiping tears off my eyes..

Thank you to the ladies for all your kind comments..so sweet, I forgot I was on for today? Thanks again, too fun!

Virginia L.

I absolutely ADORE Tiffany! She is THE paper queen!! I often compare her crafting style with Martha's Stewart's .....well, let's just say Martha has a few things to learn from Tiff! Thanks so much for highlighting this GIFTED artist. She is going to PLACES!!!


I really enjoy reading this interview, thanks Deborah!! and Tiffany.. whoohoo.. i'm a big fan of you.. all of creations are my favorite and i still can't believe that you face some difficulties in coloring? are you kidding? your color always so bright, so warm and cheery and pop out in every picture!! of yeah for me you're a PAPER MASTER! ;)

kathy racoosin

Another wonderful Wednesday wonder!!! Deborah I just love your writing syle and Tiff WOW so fun to read about you and your elegant style that so inspires!!

Paula Laird

Deborah & Tiffany that was an amazing interview with jaw dropping photos. You two are the best :). Keep up the great work & thanks for the link to Tiffany's blog. Take care xoxoxo

donna mikasa

Thank you once again for a stellar interview! Tiffany always knocks my socks off with her paper projects--I dub her the Paper Queen--and she is a genuinely sweet person, too! Talk about a complete package....


I don't remember seeing the umbrella card at all and it's so fabulous and is making me very very hungry right now for ice cream! Talented woman!

Kelly Booth

LOVE Tif...she is Super duper Creative and so VERY nice too!!! Loved learning more about this Wonderful Artist!!Thanks Deborah for featuring Tiffany and congrats Tif for being the WW......


Great interview! I'm wanting that publication she's working on badly now! please keep us up to date, as I'm surely not the only one one the tip of my chair here?


I really enjoy your writing style Deborah and thanks for this wonderful interview with a woman who has personality which shows through in her card making. I have found Tiffany to be a very kind, encouraging person and enjoy her work!!

Vanessa Menhorn

This interview was fab again! Love Tiffany`s creations! And Deborah, you are soo funny, you crack me up with your comments :) Thanks for making my day!


Chris M

Another super interview with a very talented creator!! Can't wait to find out about the publication!

Anne Gaal

Hi, Deborah and Tiffany! Super interview! Lovely elegant cards and such wonderful photos! :-)

Patty Y.

Thanks for another great interview, Tiff & Deborah! Tiffany is truly the Paper Queen, all her creations bring oohs and aahs. Deborah, you crack me up with your rhetoric. LOVE Tiffany's work, and she's a big sweetie as well! Thanks for sharing!

Alice W.

Thanks for another excellent interview!! Love Tiffany's clean and elegant style. She always presents her work with such great photos, too!


fabulous interview! tiffany rocks & is a great source of inpiration! she NEEDS to be published & get her well deserved recognition! she works so well without all the fancy tools----- she comes up with the most creative way to make something uniquely hers! *applause*

Tomo H.

Love Tiffany's creations. She is soooo creative and always makes lovely works! Loved to read this interview to learn more about Tif's wonderful art world! Thanks so much, Deborah!

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