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September 11, 2009



Sounds like a fun thing to do, Deborah! I'll pass this time, since I'm on vacation, but look forward to playing when we get home. Since we are in the business of making cards, it only makes sense that we actually mail some of our masterpieces!! Looking forward to following what I hope becomes a regular thing.

Hannah Nicole F

Hi Deborah. Are the cards we submit to you, also supposed the ones we send out? and should it be blank so the recipient can use it however they like?
sorry I ask so many questions, I justed wanted to be sure of what I was supposed to do, and by the way Thank's for doing this I know it will be extremly fun.

Heather Maria

Sounds like good fun Deborah! I'd love to give it a try.

Deborah Nolan


Good questions!

I don't receive a copy of any of the cards.

I email you with the address of the person immediately below you on the list along with any (if applicable) special mailing restrictions, etc. You make her a card and send it to her. And you're finished until you receive the card sent to you by the person immediately ABOVE you on the list.

I don't get a copy of any of the cards. I just would like for people to post their cards when they receive them, and then send me a link so I can then put them in a blog entry.

This way, others can see what lovely cards are being received and will join in the fun next time!

As to whether it should be blank, that's a very good question! Here's what I would do. I would write a note to the person on a separate piece of paper and leave the card blank. This way, she can do with it as she likes. But make sure you put on the back of the card "Made by Hannah _____" because you should always sign your creations.


Hi Deborah :D, I am certainly interested in playing along. I just have one question for you about the postage. What do you mean by the cost of postage? Do I have to go to my post office & find out what the prices will be for someone in another country? Or do they do that at their Post Office? I'm a little thick when it comes to these things :(. Thank you xoxoxoxoxo


Paula, I believe you go to your post office and ask them how much it costs to send something to the country in question. I'm going to go see if I can find anything online about this....


Go to the link below if you live in the United States and need to see what basic postage rates apply for domestic and foreign mail.




If you live in another country, Google something like "[your country's postal office] + postage rates for foreign delivery." (It worked for me!)

For Australia, I got this: http://www1.auspost.com.au/pac/int_letter.asp

And then I found this - which seems to be a good guide that covers all the major countries, but I'd double check with your local post office to make sure.


Dawn T

Hi Deborah... I stuffed up... and put my flickr URL instead of my name and don't know how to delete it. It is #7. I redid it correctly as #8 - so can you delete it? Talk about a blond moment!!! I am away from 18/9/09 but back on 28/09/09 so will have just enough time to participate

Tomo H.

Hi, Deborah!
You started the fantastic project, didn't you? Your plannings and your works amaze me every time.
Love the sketch and the color scheme! :)
(I've just e-mailed you. Sorry it was delayed by some reason.)
Have a beautiful weekend!


i signed up to join, hopefully i follow all the directions correctly so i don't get booted! this is a great idea Deborah :)

Tomo H.

Hi, Deborah! I signed up to join your fabulous planning 'CCC'. And just sent you an e-mail. :)


I assumed we were sending the card we made for this challenge. Let me know. Thanks.

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