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November 5, 2009


donna mikasa

Thanks for accepting the award and for sharing more "Deborah tidbits"--you had me rolling on the floor as always!

Susanne Nilsson

Thank you so much for this award

Alice W.

love reading those five fun things about you Deborah!! congrats on the award!!

Dawn T

Deborah - this award is so true for you!!!! you always make smile when I read your blog ... and your five things about you make me laugh as well. Long may you continue to make us all smile.


Congrats on your award--it suits you perfectly!

kathy racoosin

Thanks so much Deborah...I accept this award with love and am honored...Love love reading your blog :)

Judy Jung

I am so happy your blog received another award! And that it came from Donna!

Tomo H.

Hi, Deborah! It's been a while.
Congratulations!!! And thanks so much for giving me this award! So hornored to receive it from you. :)

I'm so sorry for my slow access here. I've been spending busy days, you know, and I stayed the place where the conection of the internet was too bad for biz-trips lately.
I want to look at other posts of yours soon, but I have no time now, 'cos I have a reservation of this evening's flight for working. So I'll come here again ASAP.
Once again, I so appreciate you, Deborah! :)

Have a wonderful weekend and the next week!
Hugs, Tomo

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