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November 17, 2009



I agree with you, Deborah, I love Barbara
Kingsolver's writing!! Mention on your blog,
if you would, how you enjoy her newest.

Andi Sexton

Barbara is one of my faves.. have read every one of her books.. with the exception of Pigs in Heaven... I'm also waiting for her new one..
Poisonwood Bible: Hated the husband...
Prodigal Summer is my favorite..
Animal Veg Miracle is at my bed stand..
Bean Trees: The little girl reminds me of my daughter.. the big brown eyes looking at her...

I could go on and on...



Hmmm, I just might have to head over to Barnes and Noble tonite... :)

Judy Jung

I am so excited to learn there is a new Kingsolver book! Each book is so unique; I have read them all and can't wait to read this one. I enjoyed hearing her voice, especially.


Judy, I knew you and I were Kindred Spirits, as Ann Shirley would say!

And, Andi, you MUST read Pigs in Heaven as it's a sequel to the Bean Trees! Prodigal Summer is my favorite, too - you simply MUST listen to Barbara Kingsolver read it - your library should have it on CD.

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