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November 18, 2009


Joy (dustypenny)

Lots of fun and beautiful cards! Thanks for hosting, Deborah!

Susan McRae

Fantastic cards by everyone! Thanks for organizing the card chain Deborah!


It is SUCH a joy to go out to the mailbox and find a card (from Norway!)- talk about a day brightener! I highly recommend this fun to everyone; I'll be playing again next time. Thanks so much, Deborah, for organizing this.

Diana Foster

WOW, adorable cards!

Dawn T

THANK YOU Deborah for organising these... they really are such fun. I'm keen to try again. I just love getting these choice cards in my mail.

Judy Jung

It is amazing to see all these cards!! I have gotten so much pleasure from the cards I have received! Thanks, Deborah for setting this up! Can I play again??


ALL THE CARDS are GORGEOUS! Such talented ladies from all over the world ...
Thank you Debbie for all the work you put into setting up these exchanges; I'm definitely playing December, if you'll let me.
Warm Florida wishes!


I agree with all of you that it is joy to pull a beautiful hand-made card out of a mailbox that yields nothing but bills and advertisements!

And as to whether you can play again (question posed by Judy)...

You bet your bippy you can!

(I have no idea what bippies are - but they're apparently very popular in southern Indiana - given that everybody seems to have one.....)

Anette H

Thanks Deborah!! Once again, I had lots of fun participating, and I loved seeing everybody's creations in the end!!

Alice W.

wow! this is too fun Deborah!!!! LOOOOOOOOOVE seeing all the cards that connected so many people all over the world!!! YOU are a genius to come up with this idea!!!! I'll make sure to be here at the 24th!!!

donna mikasa

Wow! That was an awesome ride! Loved seeing the exchanges as it went 'round the world! Amazing--you ARE Mighty Mouse! Hope to play in the next round--thanks for having it again!

Heather Maria

It's brilliant to see all the wonderful cards created for October's CCC. Thanks again Deborah for organizing all the fun for us!


Wow! That was totally AWESOME! What fun...I am definitely glad I joined in the fun. I am looking at the beautiful card I received right now as I type this...I will always treasure it.

Thanks again for organizing this, Deborah...it has really been a pleasure...both sending, receiving and now viewing the cards!

Kelly Booth

Just Saw this....So many fun cards!!! thanks for doing this Deborah...it was great FUN!!!

Susanne Andersen

Deborah!! Thank you so much for all the fun and the great effort you put into this challenge I had lots of fun participating, and I loved seeing everybody's creations!

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