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November 4, 2009


Anette H

Thanks for spot-lighting Godelive, Deborah! She does fantastic work! I discovered her a while back on the Aud Design blog, pretty surprised when she turned up in the Flickr pool also - small world!


Thanks for the wonderful interview! I love Godelive's work -- she is amazing!! I'm off to check her blog now and add it to my favs. :)

Dawn T

This is one amazing lady.... what a great inspiration she is to us all. Thanks Deborah for interviewing Godelive.

Vanessa Menhorn

Godelieve is doing fantastic work! Thanks for an insight!



I'm such a fan of Godelieve. This was a great interview!

Alice W.

I am not worthy, I am not worthy... sorry to teal your words Deborah... but this is the only thing that I could say after this inspiring interview... Thank you so much for this interview Deborah, Godelive is a gem and so so talented!!


For me, Godelieve is the BEST in stampingworld!!!
Thanks for sharing this interview.

Susan McRae

Fantastic interview Deborah! So glad you featured Godelieve and her magnificent creations!

donna mikasa

I am so glad that you snagged Godelieve as your Wednesday Wonder! Huge, huge fan of her work! And for the longest time, I thought her name was Mathilda! The woman is a true wonder.....


Thanks for the interview with this amazingly talented lady. Her work is so inspiring. I was an instant fan of Godelieve's. She's a wonder every day of the week!


Thank you very much for putting me & my stamping in the spotlight Deborah! I enjoyed reading it. You are too funny :)
Thanks everyone for the nice comments too ♥♥♥


I am a big fan of Godelieve's work! So glad you interviewed her! Love everything she creates.


Godelieve is the lady that introduced me to Hero Arts - I was so inspired by 'how' she used them and the results she got that I became a fan of these stamps and have remained it. Her work is breathtaking! Deborah, you are the funniest person I have ever encountered - what are you like IRL??!!

Deborah Nolan

Jacqueline, to answer your question as to what I am like in real life... I am a mess!


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Deborah Nolan

I know - I thought she was named Matilda, too, AND that she was Australian (her name being a play on Waltzing Matilda.)


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It seems to me that everything Godelieve touches turns to gold. I can also vouch for how kind and helpful she is--always ready to share her knowledge. Now if she could just pass on some of that talent . . .


Wonderful interview! Godelieve is truly an inspiration and deserves to be spotlighted.

She consistently creates amazingly beautiful work.

She's also incredibly generous with her time and talent. I've learned so much from her tutorials.

Marilyn Valadez

Was out of town a few days last week and missed this interview! Catching up on your "Wonders" today! How wonderful to see this talented artist's beautiful work! Great interview and great art work!

Anne Gaal

Hi, Deborah and Godelieve! I've been a big fan of Godelieve's for some time now. I find her cards to be so inspirational! :-)

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