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December 13, 2009



Hi Deborah, You gotta love kids minds. My dd is always comming out with wonderfully strange things ;). You also gotta love the way they can fall asleep anywhere in any position. Have a wonderful Christmas.


I love your photo of Gigi. It is priceless. I have one of my daughter when she was 4 asleep with the dog. They both look so comfortable. When did I start having trouble sleeping--when I had my daughter! Even when I slept I was listening to make sure she was okay. Have a blessed Christmas. WRE


Thanks for the laugh Deborah :)

donna mikasa

That is one priceless photo! I can't believe she's asleep! Ivy just posted some photos on her blog of her boys in blissful sleep...what a coincidence!


I remember those days!! Breathe........
Precious picture of Gigi!! Philipity indeed!

Lucy Abrams

That photo is AWESOME. Hoe adorable is your little girl. I want one.

Joy (dustypenny)

So funny!

Dawn T

Love the photo of Gigi... kids certainly have a knack of falling asleep any where, any how.... how I envy that... I could do it till I was in my late 20's.... then had kids...
Also loved her idea of making an appointment with you.... we are sometimes so tied up with our own "agneja's" we can forget they need some of us as well.. Don't overdo it my dear, and Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas

Anne Gaal

Hi, Deborah! Hope you get a chance to catch your breath! That is a hilarious photo! :-)


What a wonderful picture! Those days are so long ago for me.Now it's me falling asleep in my chair while my teenagers stay up until all hours.
:-) Barbara


That picture is just too funny... and then add the Gigi stories... My daughter always used to pretend in the car that she was on a meeting with her pretend phone. LOL!

cathy a

Priceless photo of Gigi, you really MUST slow down...(there is the pot calling the kettle black).

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