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December 3, 2009



Wow Deborah, these are just so beautiful. I think that you are one lucky person :D

Alice W.

Ooooooo Aaaaaaa!!! what a beautiful set of ATCs you got Deborah!! lucky you!!


What a beautiful treasures, great ATC's!! =)

donna mikasa

Wow! You got some priceless gems there! Each one is special....


Dee-licious!! Thanks for sharing these, my friend!!

Marilyn Valadez

Wow, Deborah!!! These are just too beautiful! Lucky girl...you are!


WoW lucky you, Deborah. They are ALL gorgeous!!

Diana Foster

Awesome ATC's. Happy Holidays!


Deborah, you did a wonderful job photographing these lovelies, and I've piggy-backed a post on my blog to you. Thanks!!

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