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December 18, 2009


Debbie C

Stamping cookies! What a fun idea.

Deb Smith

One of my favorite spring flowers are lilies of the valley so the silhouette bells are going to be a favorite I can tell.


What a great idea with the cookies! Nice!

Rosslyn Weigelt

What a GREAT idea! So yummy!

Ruth Ann Landry

Stamping cookies....now that's a new one for me...thanks for sharing!

Lee - grandmalee

WOW! What inspiration! Loving that starburst & can't wait to get a hold of the others too!


Great idea!!!! WOW!
love those new stamps!


Your blog heading is awesome!!! Love the cookies and the Silhouette Bell stamp. Have a great day! Hop, hop.


Oh my goodness, stamping cookies, how cool, will have to try that!!! Love the flourish stamps

Jen Gall

Clever idea using the stamp on the icing!


Gorgeous colors on your cards! Stamping on cookies- never would have thought of that!

corinne braun

that is too cool - love the cookies! great idea -- thanks for sharing!

Kelly Booth

WOWZER and YUMMY!!! I so Love you Deborah...I knew you would do something just perfectly FUN......

Sarah M

Fabulous cards, Deborah! The cookies? Wow!!! You have my address... I'm just sayin'. ;)

Karen Mathews

That cookie stamping idea is great. I will use that one in future


Oh Deborah!!! How creative and fun are those cookies!!! LOVE the flowers too!!!

Carol (ScrapMomOf2)

Cookies! Are you kidding me!?! Brilliant! Your projects are just gorgeous!

Nichol Magouirk

WOW! Gorgeous cards and such a clever idea with the cookies!!!


I love the cookies! What a wonderful new idea!

Cindy McMath

Never whould I have thought of stamping cookies - that is fabulous!

Cindy :)

Tami B.

ooh, stamped cookies. I'm impressed.

Susan McRae

So clever to stamp on the cookies Deborah!


stamped cookies... must give that a go


Wow, LOVE the cookies!!

Clare P.

Cookies?! Never would have *thunk* it! ;)

Debbie Barnhill

Love the cookies!! Great idea!


Wow I love it!!

Jennifer Rogers

Hello-- Just hopped in from Sunny South Africa. Started the hop at Tim Holtz' blog- we have all been his stalkers (oops, I mean blog-readers) since his class here in May. Love the designs & new stamps- Happy Holidays- Jennifer Rogers


Deborah, you sweetie! LOVE those cookies! What an ingenious idea!! And your other 2 flower cards are right up my alley, too - your ribbon centers in the poppy are beautiful!!

Michelle Salazar

Oh so sweet!


LOVE the cookie idea! I'd never have thought of it! And the lilies of the valley stamp - takes me right back to childhood - they grew along the driveway at my house...


I love your cards and the fact that they are fast and easy! Have a great holiday.

jennifer mcguire

those cookies are brilliant!


Amazing in every way!!! Was so excited and couldn't wait to see your creations! So creative to throw in the cookie project, so inspiring and creative, now wishing I knew how to bake Deborah!! ;)

Sharon D.

WOW, I LOVE your sugar cookies! Great twist on using stamps and what a pretty result! I really like your second card, too - such lovely colours! Thanks for the inspiration!

Heidi G

Stamping on cookies??? How cool is that!!! I am definitely going to try that. Thanks for the great idea.


Hi! This is my first time visiting your blog and I love it!!! My mouth dropped open when I saw those cookies!!! (I really was hoping one or two might jump off the screen and into my open mouth!!!) Thanks for sharing your awesome creativity!!!

Norma J

The cookie stamping rocks...great job and so creative!!!

Kathy R

Wow. I would have never thought of using them on frosting. What a wonderful idea for making a special gift.


Deborah, I looooooove the flowers card!!!! it is absolutely fabulous!!!!! TFS

Jenn Biederman

Oh my Goodness!!! Love the cookie idea, Deborah...especially the starburst one!! Beautiful cards....love them!!

Mary Smith

Hop Hop Hop

Mary Smith
Columbus, Ohio

Melissa Russo

Those cookies are so cute!! I am going to have to try that out (still have cookies to bake) Thanks for sharing your ideas.

Debbie Ivester

who would have ever thought of stamping the cookies - great idea - so cute

Beth Norman

Beautiful work. The most amazing are the cookies.


the cookie idea is fantastic - thanks for the tips.


So many great ideas, so much inspiration, ...I need time...where do you find it? Thanks so much for sharing.

Shirley Lee

Your cards are lovely. Love the way you used the ribbon in the center of the flowers! And those cookies...absolutely awesome!
Shirley L.
Roseville, CA

Rosemary D

How clever!!! Those stamped cookies look sooo yummy!!! And the cards??? Fabulous!

Filiz A.

WHAT IN THE WORLD?????????? We can stamp on frosting??????? How did you come up with that TOTALLY AWESOME idea???? You are BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to try that at home!!

Lee Anne

NEVER would have thought to stamp on cookies! Wow! Your cards are beautiful, too...but stamping on cookies??!!!!!! Wow!


All I can say is "incredibly delicious" and love your wonderfuly cards and cookies.


I'm baking cookies tomorrow and I'll be trying your stamping idea. GENIUS!


holy COW!!! Wow...major eye candy and those cookies ROCK!!

Karen in Canton, MI

Stamping on cookies?!! Totally awesome trick! Love the "bells" stamp--lilies of the valley are my favorite flower. Thanks for sharing!


those cookies are AMAZING

Tammy Hall

Your cards are wonderful, it's so nice to find a fellow cardmaker!!! I love, love, love using a stamp to decorate cookies. (another passion of mine). What a great idea. I have you bookmarked now, and I will be back often!!!!!

Virginia L.

Wow! True Lin's cookies and eye candy! Love the poppy flower card! Stamping on cookies is brilaliant! Amazing project, Deborah!


How amazing are those cookies! Fabulous.


What a great idea - stamping on cookies. How much easier can that be???

Julie Corrigan

Brillant with the cookie stamping!

marla H.

WOW - awesome cards and who would have thought to use stamps in the kitchen. I am in LOVE with those heart flourishes!!


Mmm yummy cookies


ohOhhhhhhhh........ what gorgeous projects. I absolutely love the cookies!!!!! so clever. Never would have thought of that. brilliant idea!!!!

Tammy M

Oh my goodness aren't you clever!!

Deirdre - Irl

Wow Deborah... .those sugar cookies look amazing and so do the cards. Love that they are quick and easy even though they don't look it. Great Job.

Megan B

I LOVE that Heart Flourishes stamp and canNOT believe how perfectly it worked on those cookies! You're amazing, Deborah!


Ingenious! Using stamps on cookies. Can't wait to try it.

Sarah Belgium

How cool are those cookies? I'd never eat one though... too pretty!

Susan Kesselman

Gotta love stamping & cookies, but stamped cookies are the BEST!

mary dawn q

the cookies! i'm dying!

cathy a

Deborah...I WANT those cookies!!!!! Love what you have done with these stamps, I have yet to ink my poppy, ran out of time, but I just love what you have done with it.


Stamping on cookies!!! Awesome...Your cards are beautiful, too:) How am I going to stick to my budget???


Wow! Now I'm going to crave sugar cookies! Great idea!

Mary S.

Amazing!! Love the cookie idea!!


All are outstanding!

Anne Marie B

Wow stamps on your cookies!!! WHo would have thought! What a fun idea love them!

Lucille K

Oh - those cookies are fabulous, what a wonderful idea. Cards too, just wonderful.


Ooooohhhh... wow. Just wow. :) I had NO IDEA you can use cling stamps on edible stuff, like icing! Great inspiration!

Nancy K

The wonderful and talented Deborah has done it again! The Silhouette Bells stamp was made for white embossing and your card is just glorious. And...are you kidding me? stamping on cookies? That just blows me away....they are so perfectly pretty and festive. I agree that stamp is "Lin perfect". Thanks for the inspiration, you've always got something new to share!

Nancy S

I love the colors you used on your cards--so elegant! And the cookies made me smile--as I'm sure the recipients will do when then receive them!


Wonderful. So inspiring. Thanks for sharing.


BEAUTIFUL cards, deborah!


what a fantastic idea to use stamps to "emboss" the icing!! wow, i'm going to have to try that...

Anne T.

What a great idea to stamp on cookies!


Just love that cookie idea and will be trying it out. Showed my daughter and we had to break out the cookies as it caused a cookie craving moment here!
Thanks, really enjoyed stopping here.

kendra storm

how AMAZING. great cards, but love the cookies. WOW WOW WOW


The cookies are a great idea! Never would have thought of that!


I never in my wildest dreams would have thought of stamping on cookie but what a great idea. Thanks for the inspiration! Off to keep hopping, what a great Friday lunch hour!


The cookies stamping really made my jaw dropped Deborah!! Brilliant, you've been thinking out of the box!!
And the red flowers with green ribbon knots on it are drop dead gorgeous!! LOVE it to bits!!


Deborah your cards are just beautiful!! So elegant and beautiful vintagy colors! I think your cookies steal the show though!

Anne Gaal

Hi, Deborah! Such beautiful cards! They are so wonderful! And I love, love, LOVE the stamped cookies! What a wildly creative, inventive project! :-)

Jennifer Labre

OK, seriously, I never would have thought to use stamps on cookies. What a genius idea! Love your creativity!


Great cards, love the baking application too, tsm!


OMG! I love the idea of stamping on the cookies!

Cathy from Carlsbad

Who would ever think about stamping on cookies!!! Very cool.

Kiara Lee

WOW... how clever are you, Deborah!! Love your cards and the cookies!!

Christine H

Cookies? Never would have thought of that...so going to do this.


Surely, these icing cookies are the greatest work of yours, Deborah... That's truly 'Lin'. I agree... Love your 'happy day' card with those two flowers.. Really a happy color. And the Silhouette Bells stamp, I think, is a must-have stamp...

connie williams

really clever with the cookies- but that cosmo stamp is terrific!

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