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January 29, 2010


mary dawn quirindongo

bless you for publishing your full RSS feed, you are a goddess <3


I'm on it again!!!!

Deborah Nolan

Mary Dawn, I am very excited by your comment! Im excited because I know nothing about RSS Feeds and I was in my options thingie yesterday and hit a few buttons, so I must have done something good!

Does anybody know what I changed? And why is this a good thing to have a full RSS feed?

Heather Maria

Deborah, I made sure I got in quick this month so I wouldn't miss out on the fun! Love the colours, template and themes. Maybe I'll have to make a St Patrick's Day card. Living in Ireland and I've never ever made one - it could be a challenge!

Daria Z.

Thanks for doing this, Deborah...I had such fun last time!

Nancy K

Having so much fun with the card chain, I'm in again! It's really going to be a challenge for me, those colors are so far out of my comfort zone. I'm off to play!

Deborah Nolan

HEATHER! You live in Ireland and have NEVER made a St. Patricks Day card?! Now thats just WRONG!!!
High time you got round to it, lassie!

Marilyn Valadez

Would you look at that, Deborah! I signed up for the "CCC"! He He He With a little help from my DD (Cheryl)! Now if I can just manage to get it linked to your blog! Wow ! I get the honor of making "stampersuzz" a card! Right? What fun! Hugs, Marilyn V.


So glad I could enter this chain challenge. I had so much going on for January, but most of that is winding down. I had my lepracaun sitting for years, already colored in and ready with the sentiment and I DO love that guy, but when I made cards for the whole office, I didn't want to visit him very much, if at all....

Deborah Nolan

Way to go, Marilyn!!! I knew you could do it!  Yes, you will be sending stampersuzz a card (and you will be receiving one from Judy Jung), you lucky thang!

Yvette K

Okay I did it: I signed up.
Deborah, you can add a new country: Belgium.
I think I make a card for: Dotty Jo. Right?

Deborah Nolan

Yaaaaaaaay! We got Belgium! We got Belgium!!! Everybody jump up and down and pour their Diet-Cokes on Yvettes head!  (Yvette, this is an American way of showing were delighted with you. Idiotic, I know, but there you have it.)


Hey Deborah, I am in again. I just made the sign up deadline this time :-) Looking forward to it. You have my details right? :-) Thanks for doing this.

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