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January 8, 2010



Hi! I'd love to participate in your CC! Signed up with Mr. Linky...

dustypenny (aka Joy)

Thanks, Deborah! Lots of fun!

Anette H

Thanks for organizing again, Deborah! So exciting!


Hello and happy new year! I am SO in on this ... I love it! Thanks for organizing it again, Deborah!


sorry, I put the wrong link, but count me in! :)

Lynda Pleckan (Joyful Stamper)

Count me in again...it was so much fun the last time. Thanks for doing this Deborah. I think I put the wrong link, too.

Lee Anne

OK, I'm in. I'm new to this, so I hope I can reach the bar! My blog hasn't been updated in awhile. Hope that is OK. I also have a Flickr photo stream that is probably more recent! Here it is: http://www.flickr.com/photos/36795264@N04/

Can't wait to start something with you gals!

Norma J

This is going to be alot of fun!! Can't wait to get started!!

Dawn T

I'm in again Deborah.... I've even got the same recipient again ( I think) I wasn't even looking at who was a head of me....

Janet Ribet

Darn it. Missed it by 10 hours. Never mind - next month!

Deborah Nolan

Ill see if I can change it up a bit to make sure everybody gets a new person.

Glad to have you join in!!!


Contact Me

Judy Jung

Let the fun begin!! So glad so many signed up. Thanks, Deborah!!

Heather Maria

I was about to sign up for the CCC on Sunday night when the server crashed. Had a mad, bad weekend with frozen pipes and no heating so that's how I left it till the last minute. Hopefully I'll get to take part in February's CCC.

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