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January 26, 2010



That is awesome! Your husband is very talented!

Online Consultation

Cool work of art. Very artistic and unique concept. It's a work of a talented person. You're very lucky.

elana k

So so fascinating!! Thanks for keeping us posted!

Susan McRae

Wow, your husband is so talented. I'm glad you keep updating us on his progress!


It is so wonderful to see how your dh's painting is comming along. :D He is one very talented person.

Dawn T

Wonderful to see the work in progress.. it gets better and better each time you show us. Thanks to hubby to let us peek...

Kelly Booth

Just Amazing Deborah...Thanks for Sharing!!!

Deborah Nolan

Thank yall for the nice comments!  Ive been sharing them with Spouse, trying to goad him into visiting my blog so he can respond to yalls kind words. Would you believe that hes never even visited here once?! Hes actually very grateful for your comments, and I suspect its very good for him to have such a supportive audience after not painting for ten yeas! SO thank you all!!!!


Anne Gaal

Hi, Deborah! Spouse' painting is coming along nicely! Hope you'll keep sharing pics of this work in progress! :-)

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