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January 12, 2010


Terri Q

Sounds like one of my own misadventures. That pesky creature, Good Intention, has taken up permanent residence in my studio! So glad you snatched Vivi out of its hold. She's precious!


I'm laughing out loud here.... this is hilarious! You should take all your journaling blog entries and make them into a little book, calling it the Journal of a Card Maker or something funnier!
I do really feel for you Deborah but I'm so glad you can react light-hearted towards it! Thanks for sharing!


Sorry I didn't comment on Vivi - she is very cute!


Love the ornament and the story is too funny... Because you know we all have matching ones... Luckily mine only occur on groups of one rather than 30!!!! LOL


Oh my!........ What a story! I think I'd drop the whole thing somewhere in the middle or even before that! Nonetheless, this little lady is so cute!

Alice W.

oh... I didn't know the beautiful Vivi ornament in my hand has caused you so much time and energy to make, Deborah!! I really enjoyed reading your post though, so fun and you again treated your misery with such humor and that's why I love you!!! =) Now the gorgeous Vivi ornament from Deborah will be our family heirloom and will be passed on forever and ever... =)


Deborah, this ornament is gorgeous, and even more so now that I know its history! I'm so glad you didn't give up on Vivi! The details on Vivi are amazing!

Nancy K

I'm so happy that you persevered! Thanks for sharing your story; I'll treasure that cute little elf forever, I promise.

Vanessa Menhorn

I wasn`t really awake - till now!! Just can`t stop giggling, your story is hilarious! And I am admiring you so much, I would have thrown everything into the trash and never layed a hand on it again! Can`t bow low enough before you!


Dawn T

Deborah.... little did I know that beautiful ornament was such a troublesome little beastie.... I admired it everyday up to till 6 Jan when we took the tree down...and it is now safely stacked away till Christmas again... I will have quite a different view of it when it comes out next.... Loved your story and am so glad you persevered and I got Vivi in all her glory. Thank you...


I'm glad everything worked out in the end - there's nothing worse than not being able to walk away from a failing project because you've just put too much effort and time and energy into it!
I LOVE reading your blog so much! I love the way you tell stories... Thanks for sharing your latest adventure with us :)

Heather Maria

Vivi looks so adorable and cute - hard to imagine she could cause such hardship! Loved reading about the process! I would definitely have given up but fair play to you for persevering - adorable ornament.

Kelly Booth

Sorry she was so much work and trouble...the end result is amazing and she will be up in my stamp room all year!! Love her.....

Janet Ribet

You made my day! I laughed til the tears ran - sorry to be laughing at your misadventure with Vivi, but you are gifted storyteller. I think there must be a scrap/stamp magazine that would publish your escapades - but I think there is definitely a book in you too!


I will take VERY good card of my Vivi. I love her. Thank you for persevering, I am honoured. And you are hilarious.

Judy Jung

Deborah, I will know appreciate my ornament even more (don't think that's possible!) after hearing this tale!! Bless you for persevering and seeing to it that the amazIng ornaments were sent out! Hugs!!

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