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February 26, 2010



Hi Deborah - this is my first CCC and I'm excited to participate! Will be emailing you my info; thanks! ScrappinBari - Linda W.


Hello! I'm excited about participating in my first CCC also!
Paintingeyedoc - Trinh


Hey girl, what exactly is ban de soleil? Flesh-colored, pale tangerine?

Deborah Nolan

Ban de Soleil is probably misspelled. This is French literally translated means ban of sun which means its banning the sun. Or as we call it: sunscreen. This was a brand that my mother favored when I was a child - it came in a tube and had an exotic fragrance and was just this color! (I would have called this Inside of a Butternut Squash but that seemed a little long and not as pretty.) ;~D



Deborah - count me in!!! have missed the last two... so definitely don't want to miss this one... off to check out the template/colours that I just signed up for! LOL!!!

Marcy K

This will be my first CCC too, Deborah, so I hope my photo comes out ok. I'll send info ASAP! Thanks so much! :)

Heather Maria

Thanks Deborah - I love the CCC so much!

Susan Larson

I am so looking forward to participating in this. I have been stamping for 15 years, and this is my first exchange except for the ATC swap. Thank you for organizing this.

Louise Charlton

Hi Debbie,

I think I know the product you are talking about - used it all through my teen years. It came in a metal tube that you rolled up from the bottom like toothpaste, it was an orangy-coppery gel and the best of it all, it smelled so heavenly! Anytime I smell something similar, it brings me right back to the beach...! It is called Bain de Soleil and it means taking a bath of sunshine - (I'm French Canadian) !! If it's not the same product, you brought me down memory lane...! Thanks!

Deborah Nolan

Louise! How awesome are you?! YES, thats the stuff!!!! Looks like I got it exactly wrong, though - lol - not banning the sun but bathing in it! whatever happened to it, I wonder? Its one of my favorite smells from childhood - right next to the scent of original Jergens cream.  Remember that one? Im sooooo glad you spotted this and made a comment. I was beginning to feel like I was the only one out there that remembered this stuff!


Louise Charlton

Well I googled it and it seems that it is still being sold in Miami... I'm going to Florida next week, so I'll look for some! I'll let you know!

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