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February 15, 2010



I love your squirrel - they are the funniest creatures! We have one who finds our birdseed by jumping up and down from the roof of our house. Really enjoying your daily photos - keep them coming!

elana k

wow! you got some great shots. we have a squirrel that seems to come along every day. our cat watches for him out the back door. he hand-picks (and steals!) my cherry tomatoes in summer and scampers around in winter digging up things he buried. love little squirrels...thanks for sharing!

Dawn T

He is so cute Deborah. We don't have squirrels here in NZ... but I did see some in Central Park in New York when we were there 12 years ago. My kids (then 12 and 10) thought they were the best thing ever and kept trying to catch them. Yours is very sweet

Alice W.

oh my! we love squirrels and those photos are some of the very best ones that we have seen! wow! beautiful shots, Deborah! That little guy is so "fluffy!" Hubby loves those photos so much, he asked me to send him this link. he is going to stash it away in his secret squirrel folder! =) thanks for sharing!!


Thats one chunky squirrel! Jo x


Wow, so enjoyed this post of yours and the magnificent photos you took of the squirrel! That one of him/her with the eyes shut, you must post it somewhere where other people can see it too - it's so fun!

Heather Maria

Love your photos of the adorable squirrel Deborah - you got really amazing shots!

Susan McRae

Great photos and I love the pic with the squirrels eyes closed!

Anne Gaal

Hi, Deborah! Love your photos of the squirrel! We have a pesky squirrel that likes to shake all the bird seed out of the feeders to get to the 3 sunflower seeds inside. But I have to say, your red squirrels are a lot more robust than our scrawny little gray squirrels! :-)


I really laugh out loud every time I read your blog. You have a wonderful sense of humor. You brighten my day. Your photos are awesome. I also love your name :-).


Love, Love the pics of the squirrel- it really touched me cuz we saved a baby, that is now our pet, KiKi, I can't get pics like that when she is right in front of me! And she looks just like that! You did an awesome job!

Deborah Nolan

Twana, Im glad you enjoyed the picture of the
squirrel. I got very lucky - and what luck didnt cover, Photoshop did!


Suzanne (Stamp In Style)

Fab, Fab Photos! I love the one with his eyes closed.

Suze x

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