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February 24, 2010


Virginia L.

So wonderful to see Sally's work being highlighted! And it's delightful to know more about her! What a talented family she has!

Andi Sexton

Gorgeous gorgeous work! I love seeing these cards of Sally's, and oh my.. What details! She does have some awesome photo skills!
Sounds like both her kids are Artists! What a great upbringing to have their mom (and Dad, I am sure) foster their creativity!!!!

Tiffany E.

Sally's cards are always so full of vibrant colors and wonderful layering, love her work! What a great interview!


I love Sally's cards, and it was wonderful getting to know her a bit better with your interview. Great choice, Deborah! And Sally, I ADORE your card #2 here (the one with all the dry-embossing in the pale colors and white) Absolutely gorgeous!

donna mikasa

What a delightful interview! I love Sally's style and it was fun getting to know her better...Thanks Deborah!

Vanessa Menhorn

I love Sally`s cards and she is sweet as can be! Thanks for highlighting her to find out more about her!

Heather Maria

Deborah, I loved reading your interview with Sally! It's great to get to know a bit more about her and to see her wonderful cards. Thanks Deborah!


Sally's work is always lovely. Enjoyed learning more about her!


Great feature on Sally.. Loved learning more about her. She is also on the Talent Spot in this month's UK magazine called Creativity. Woohoo for Sally.

Barb :)

Love these interviews, Deb! So fun to learn more about Sally since I have admired her "works of art" for some time now!


Wooohooo! What a lovely surprise to see that you featured one of my dearest blogging buddies today Deborah!!!! Jo x

cathy a

Fabulous interview, I really admire sally's work she is so tallented


Sally is one of my inspiration heroes...I just love her style! Thanks for highlighting her amazing talent!

Kelly Booth

Wonderful interview Deborah....Love Sally and her work is so inspiring...It was a great Interview...so fun getting to know her a little better!!

Anne Gaal

Hi, Deborah and Sally! I am a fan of Sally's cards, too. Sally's pink Christmas card with the blue and pink trees blew me away. It is sooooooooooo good! (And thanks, Deborah, for following me to my new blog home!)

Shanna Vineyard

BIG HUGE SALLY fan here too! great interview!


Such a lovely interview, Deborah! I really love this feature on your blog and Sally was a wonderful choice to spotlight! She is such a talented stamper!!!


Big fan of Sally's work too! Thanks for highlighting her on your weekly spot! Wonderful interview!


Such wonderfully creative and unique creations. I love them all. Great interview.

Sally Sherfield

Thank you everyone for all your lovely comments, it was fun being a Wednesday Wonder and I would like to thank Deborah again for asking me!!

Lucy Abrams

Thank you both for this - loved seeing the link to Sally's son's band. I am a music ignoramus, but my husband has certainly heard of Elmor. Didn't know we had a rock star mum in our midst.
Thanks for the great interview - I love Sally - and it's always fun to hear about other UK stampers. :)

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