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March 26, 2010


Marcy K

Looking forward to this challenge! SO much fun!!


Wow! This color combo is great!


I joined this CCC since last month and i had so much fun! Now, I graduated and need to be back to my country which is no longer domestic. Now. i am international of this CCC. I am from Hong Kong and the letter starts from H!! haha!

Deborah Nolan

Well, how cool is THAT?! We have an H!!! And Hong Kong!!!



Wow, these CCC's look reeaallly fun! Think I must hold off for now. Hope to jump in sometime, though! You're so fun, Deborah!

Janet Ribet

What gorgeous rich colours! Better start dreaming up something good.

Heather Maria

Thanks again Deborah, looking forward to thinking up something for this challenge!

Simone Naoum

This is my first card chain challenge and im sooo looking forward to it! Looks like soo much fun! Thanks Deborah!


I'm so excited this time i did not late in signing up.. :)


I'm so excited this time i did not late in signing up.. :)


I´ll try this for my first time, seems to be lots of fun :)

Daria Z.

It finally came up for me.

Monika Reeck

Wohoo Fika one above Jette....not so far from me...dear Deborah I still not get card from Marcy oooh.... :(

Judy Jung

Finally, I have signed up! Would hate to miss the April Card Chain!!

dustypenny (aka Joy)

Ok, Deborah... how do you come up with these challenge options? Thanks for hosting!

Deborah Nolan

Joy, in answer to how I come up with these challenge options...  er... Im kind of flying by the seat of my pants on them! Lets see. For the palette, I keep my eye open for pleasing color combos I see in the world. For the template, I open Photoshop and throw some shapes around until Im either out of interest or out of time. (I think some of my template designs are difficult to work with because Im not terribly good at that part - which is why I give you other options - LOL!) And the theme is whatever holiday is one the horizon and something that might possibly work in a generic way - like friendship.


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