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March 9, 2010


Dawn T

LOL- You have made my day Deborah. 7.45am and this is my first blog view and talk about laugh!!!!! what a great way to start the day. Gigi is so the typical kid. With mine it was Tamagochi - not nearly as sophisticated!!! - but just the same comments... took me back!!! Don't worry the novelty wears off after awhile!!!
stay sane my dear....

Deborah Nolan

Dawn, Im always cheered when I hear Ive made you laugh!



Fabulous post Deborah... digital poop, what will they think of next! jo x


Oh, Deborah. I'm so glad my kids are grown, and that they were both boys.......I am so glad! Thank goodness for your sense of humor! And we're so glad you share all of it with us!

Lucy Abrams

You make m laugh so much. Just what's needed after a long and rubbish day at work. Thanks for the cheer up Deborah (and Gigi). She's awesome.

Alice W.

LOL!!!!! I love your little "digital poop lover," Deborah!! =) thanks for making me laugh and hope you can stay sane, too! we need you! =)

donna mikasa

Ah, this brings me back to my daughters' Tamagotchi days...I had to babysit the little guys! We had digi poop way back then, too...

Yvette K

LOL - The sun shines (it's still very cold, but behind the window it's summer!), reading this funny story that makes me laugh ... well it's gone be a good day! Thanks for brighten it up!
I too had to babysit such a digital pet. And as we all survived it, you will too.
Have fun!

Paula (pajalu)

There is always something new to drive the kids wild & the parents nuts!!! My 3yr old was barking like a dog & chasing our two cats around all morning driving every one nuts. Unfortunately there is no off switch for that ;D xoxoxoxoxo


i can so sympathize...

Judy Jung

Thanks for sharing a Gigi story, Deborah. They always make me smile! I have to confess, the Tamagochi fad was too late for my kids, but I bought one anyway and was fascinated with it (for awhile)! Now that I work in a daycare, poop of any kind does not phase me!! Hugs!!

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