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March 3, 2010


Sarah M

LOVE this tribute to your daughter, Deborah! Children sure are a wonder! :) Happy Birthday to Gigi!

Virginia L.

Happy Birthday, Gigi! You certinaly are a wonder in so many ways!! I sure hope your Mam and Daddy spoil you with lots of goodies and yummy cakes!

Susan McRae

Happy Birthday Gigi! Hope your day is filled with fun things and scrumptious cake!

Sally Sherfield

Happy Birthday Gigi, hope you have a great day filled with fun and laughter(and lots of presents)


Have a WONDERful birthday Gigi!


Happy Birthday, Gigi!! Love your pretty smile! Hope you have all your favorite things today!!


Aww..that is so special Deborah, love your story and what a beautiful photo, look at her smile!

Hannah Nicole F

Great Pic, she looks like a friend I used to have. Happy Birthday Gigi! as I remember it my 8th year was the best of my life and the year with the most memories.

Marilyn Valadez

Hi Gigi! Sending you wishes for a beautiful birthday, and lots of fun things to do... and of course, a big yummo birthday cake!!

Vanessa Menhorn

Happy Happy Birthday Gigi! Have a fabulous day! Your daughter is adorable, Deborah!


Deborah Nolan

Have I told you people how much I love you? I REALLY LOOOOOOVE YALL - YOURE THE BEST!!!!!!!


Andi Sexton

Happy Birthday Gigi!!! What a wonderful present you were to your mommy and daddy the day you were born.. Truly, a very special girl! And 8 is a GREAT age!!!! Have fun!

donna mikasa

Hi Gigi! Happy 8th Birthday, to sweet, WONDER-ful you! Your mom is pretty awesome, too....Have a WONDERful day!

Kathy Racoosin

Happy Birthday to you Gigi! Did your mom tell you that you get a treat for every comment made on her blog when you are a WONDER?? lol
I know your mom and dad will make your day special and with your big beautiful smile I can tell you will enjoy every minute of your day. Hugs from Maryland ,Kathy

Lucy Abrams

Happy Happy Birthday Gigi - hope you have a WONDERFUL day. You certainly have a knock-out smile :)
Enjoy every minute of your special day and the year ahead. Being 8 is the BEST.

Linda W.

Happy, happy birthday Gigi! How great to be eight!! Have a beautiful day!

Judy Jung

Happy, happy birthday, Gigi!! I know your Mom and Dad will make your day very special!! Every day is special for them just because of you!!

Dawn T

Happy Birthday Gigi... I'm sure it was the best yet!!! Your Mom and Dad love you to pieces... Deborah - you can be so proud of your Wonder... she looks so pretty.

Alice W.

Have a Happy Happy Birthday, Gigi!! Don't forget to let us know what flavor of cake did you get for your birthday!! =) You are just the sweetest mom, Deborah!

Barb :)

Happy birthday, sweet girl! I hope you are having an amazing day! :)

Paula (pajalu)

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear Gigi :D,
Happy Birthday to you,

Hip, Hip, Hooray
Hip, Hip, Hooray
Hip, Hip, Hooray

Wishing you all the best on your special day Gigi. Have a wonderful day filled with love, fun, laughter & CAKE!!! :D xoxoxoxo

Daria Z.

Happy, Happy Bday, GIGI! I hope you had the most wonderful day. Enjoy being eight!


Hi Gigi...hippo birdie two ewes! Hope you're having a wonderful 8th birthday!

Heather Maria

Hi Gigi!

I'm so sorry I missed your birthday yesterday. Here's wishing you a belated Happy 8th Birthday! I'm sure you had a brilliant day! Any chance of sending a slice of your birthday cake over to me here in Ireland or is it all gone?!

Deborah, Gigi is the perfect choice for your Wednesday Wonder and she is such a cutie!


Gigi, hope you had a terrific day - I missed this post yesterday as my "baby" was SIX.... he shares the same birthday as you and was born in Chicago.

I hope you did something fun on your Birthday and enjoy being EIGHT... wow, EIGHT.... Hugs to you and your wonderful Mom all the way from Ireland.


Happy birthday Gigi! I hope it was wonderful! I was so looking forward to the Gigi interview.. :( Deborah you must interview Gigi and post it. We love to hear about what gigi is up to..

Deborah Nolan

Sue, what a great idea! I love the idea of interviewing her. I should really do one every year, probably, to see how she changes as she grows. Love this idea!!!



Sweet and beautiful Gigi I wish you all the best! May all your dreams come true and enjoy your special day!
Oh and give a hug and kiss to your mom!


Oh Gigi, I'm so sorry I missed your Birthday - I trust you had the bestest birthday :) You are adorable - and I just love your beautiful smile!! A Happy Belated Birthday to you!!!

Kelly Booth

Where's Ms Gigi's interview??? Happy Happy Birthday Gigi...Hope you had a FABULOUS Day!!!!

Deborah Nolan

Kathy, nice touch with the comment about Gigi getting a treat for every comment! Seriously, I laughed likeĀ  a hyena when I saw that!!!


Anne Gaal

Hi, Gigi! Happy birthday! And a great Wednesday Wonder for us Deborah! Fabulous! :-)


happy birthday Gigi! All the way from Switzerland! I hope it was (sorry for being late!!!) a very swell day! ;-)


Many happies to a gorgeous, special girl! Jo x

Yvette K

Isn't it GREAT to be EIGHT!!! Happy Birthday Gigi! Hope you had a wonderful day and enjoy your party tomorrow!


She has gorgeous blue eyes. Her heart shows through.


Aww.. I somehow missed this! Happy belated bday to your Gigi!!

From one March 3rd bday to another! :)

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