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April 7, 2010



oh my goosh Deborah.. you made me smile so big after very long and tiring day.. thank you so much for featuring me in your famous WW, i'm so thrilled and happy.
PS: about the pinkish stuff in my head, that's because i surrounded by everything pink or red as my fave collections and YES i still love the cotton candy too, ahaa!!! :)

Ayana Posadas

Wow... Great Post! :)
Fika's work is always so inspiring!

Virginia L.

SWEET SWEET Fika! Love her creations and personality! I chuckled many times just reading about this interview! I sure hope your dream come true someday for you, Fika (& Vera)-heehee! You did an awesome job, Deborah, especially the Indonesian geography and culture. That really give us a glimpse of life in Fika's world!

Judy Jung

Absolutely amazing work by Fika! Thank you, Deborah for the opportunity to learn more about Fika! She is an amazing artist and I love seeing her work.


Fika is one of my favorite artists, always so super inspiring and her projects are always so fun with her amazing 3-D elements! She's always so friendly and happy, who wouldn't want that type of person around always, she just makes everyone smile!!

Susan McRae

This was a fantastic interview with Fika, a great way to get to know her better!

The examples you showcased today are absolutely amazing! Fika is so creative and love how she uses colour!


Thanks for a great interview with the delightful Fika, she is so talented!!!! Jo x

donna mikasa

I absolutely LOVE Fika and the love and support she gets from Widya is apparent in her awesome work! What amazes me is how she uses recycled products that we often take for granted or toss, and uses it perfectly. Loved her interview! Thanks, Deborah and Fika!

Marilyn Valadez

Loved the peek into Fika's world! Thats what I love most about this group, is the communication with people from all over, it makes the world a lot smaller, and it's lots of fun! Loved the interview, and seeing some of Fika's beautiful work! Thanks ladies!

Sally Sherfield

Loved this interview Deborah, Fikas work is alway stunning and she definately thinks out of the box. Thanks for another amazing Wednesday Wonder!!


Woohoo! Thanks for this fabulous interview with fabulous Fika! So loved to know more about her! Thanks Deborah and thanks Fika! Your work is very inspirational!


Loved learning more about Fika! Her creativity and attention to detail is unbelievable.

Alice W.

Fika's work and attention to detail is just amazing! not a lot of people will spend 8 hours on a card! no wonder she always turns out perfect projects! thanks for the awesome interview, Deborah and Fika! i enjoyed it!

Vera Rhuhay

Fika??? Absolutely, I love her unique creative style..and she is one of my favorite stamper!
She is a sweet person, friendly and humoris too :) Thanks so much for this wonderful interview Deborah, and Congrats to you my friend :)

Heather Maria

Thanks Deborah for your wonderful interview with Fika! I've always admired her creativity and amazing cards and projects. Loved getting to know a bit more about her and learning a lot about Indonesia too!


So glad you featured Fika, I love her style. Super talented girl!!

Kelly Booth

I just Adore Fika...she is the Sweetest girl and such a Wonderful Stamper too.....Thanks for another Wonderful Interview Deborah....Loved hearing more about Fika!!

Barb :)

Such a nice interview, Deborah! Fika is a perfect Wednesday Wonder! So sweet and talented!! Her cards and projects always amaze me! So fun to get to know her a bit better! Loved it! :)


So fun to read! Thanks, Deborah & Fika for another great interview! I also enjoy reading the "extra" questions to let us get to know the person a little better. Loved reading about you, Fika, and seeing your wonderful work!


I love Fika's work and she is such a giving person. HUGS FIKA!

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