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May 27, 2010


Dawn T

LOL - you are a scream Deborah,... don't they say that imitation is the highest form of flattery.... or some such thing. I would rather think that Donna's card gave you inspiration.... It is an awesome card.

Alice W.

your coloring in bed is amazing!! =) LOVE this adorable card! the sentiment is the sweetest! i can see the Donna influence, but you made it your own! Donna will love seeing this for sure! =)

Sarah M

Fabulous card, Deborah! Your coloring is absolutely PERFECT! Wow! Hope you are able to get some relief for your back soon!

Kelly Booth

LOVE Your Card Deborah....Audrey is just so fun!! Donna will be thrilled she inspired you.....Thise kids Quotes are just perfect!!

Barb :)

Gorgeous coloring, Deb! Wow, such pretty paper too! I don't think Donna will mind at all!! My favorite part of this darling card is that sentiment and what it says inside! So fun! :)

Anne Gaal

Hi, Deborah! Adorable card! Love the sentiment! And totally amazed you accomplished this given the pain you must be in! Wishing you all the best and the speediest of healthy recoveries! :-)


Adorable card, Deborah! I love your determination to make something lovely despite your current physical challenges. You certainly took full advantage of Donna's wonderful inspiration. Love that sentiment, too!
bless you,


Amazing coloring! Girl, you rock, stolen layout or not! ;-)

Janet Ribet

Amazing colouring & Such fun - great sentiment. Where do you get your Inkadinkado stamps?


This is GORGEOUS Deborah.. i love every inch of your card.. your coloring is fabulous.. and you know what, super talented ladies like you and Donna sometimes think alike, so i don't think that you steal Donna's design.. we're all have inspired by each other but i know that you have your own style Deborah.. and i'm so glad i can see it here!! HUGS for you :)


Hehe, I bet everyone has accidentally stolen a card design in their life! It happens in music too, with composers (if that's any consolation) :)

Deborah Nolan

Stephanie, so funny you mention musicians! When I saw Donnas card, my first thought was, Now I know how George Harrison felt! (He was sued by the owners of Hes So FIne because those three title notes just happened to show up as the three title notes for Harrisons My Sweet Lord. And the court found George guilty!!!)



You're so funny, Deborah, but you know that. :) You still made it your own, love the sentiment, it is sooo endearing, especially the inside! Sorry to hear about your back struggles, but hopefully next week will bring relief with PT! Hugs and prayers!

Diana Foster

What an ADORABLE card Deborah! Great designs and awesome coloring! Thanks for visiting me!

Deborah Nolan

Thank all of you for making me feel like an admiring imitator and not a thief! LOL!


Deborah Nolan


I get my Inkadinkado stamps from JoAnns.


donna mikasa

DEBORAH! I just saw this tonight--June 14th! Why am I not getting your blog updates?? I feel so bad! I am sooo flattered that my card inspired you to create such a beauty and now you can inspire others! I think I did see this in the Flickr pool.....just never made it to your blog til' now! Hope you are doing better and getting stronger by the day. Bless your back.....

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