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May 25, 2010


Dawn T

Deborah - your blog made me laugh- those damn drugs..... I loved your ramblings today.... Having been there I know what it's like.... but just remember time and perseverance will fixed it. Glad the cards are cheering you up... that was the intention. Some loving payback for all the wonderful stuff you do for others. You are one very special lady who WE ALL LOVE TO PIECES!!!!! take care

Alice W.

your posts are always fun to read Deborah!! wonderful if you ever had to work on Taiwan? or did he think it's just a part of the China and ignored it... =) so happy to hear that the cards are cheering you up, too! i think i forgot to send you one... sorry! will send one to ya soon! =) take good care and get better soon! sending you big big hugs!!

donna mikasa

Oh, poor sweet Deborah! I don't know whether to laugh or cry with you! And ramble away....it certainly brightens my day! Take good care! Sending soft hugs....


oh my Deborah.. only you that can write such a lovely, fun post and don't forget the "long" part. I'm happy that you got cards.. cards therapy is the best medicine ever.. Hope you're not feeling blue and lonely again. And you will get over the STML syndrome soon. If you have not seen mine, that's because i just mailed it today. Hope it won't take long along the way to your place :) Anyway i wish you'll get better soon, stay health and enjoy the summer :)
PS: if you're curious STML syndrome is Short Term Memory Loss that's what i called when i can't remember things, LOL!! xoxo :)


LOL on your ramblings... Sorry you still are in so much pain that you need the meds. :( Glad you received a few fun cards. We fight over getting the mail at our house. (All except my hubby as he pays the bills)


deborah - it's so good to have you back - it was a wonderful way to start my day. glad you enjoyed the cards. take care.

Barb :)

Hi Deborah! So good to read a post from you! They always make me laugh! I have not yet sent your card! So sorry! I will get it sent soon! I'm very glad the cards put a bright spot in your day! I'm sending up more prayers and hoping you are pain free and drug free in a very short amount of time! Love ya! :)


Oh, Deborah, I have missed your posts.....but this one went a long way in making up for that! So glad you took the time to write us today. Please take it easy, take those drugs as long as you need to, and then some :) Sending hugs!


Thanks for meeting my Deborah humor needs just in the nick of time. I spent Sunday all loopy on muscle relaxers too, it's about as close as I get to a buzz, ever. I'm so happy that you were blessed by the outpouring of love (I'm following your example and sending mine late so as to keep the love going). Now I have to address the elephant in the living room- Are your DH's and DD's arms painted on? Why in the world is the woman with the cranky back emptying the dishwasher? Just sayin'.
I'm praying for a speedy and complete healing for you.
bless you,

Vanessa Menhorn

OH, I feel so bad because until now I had no idea you were suffering that much at the moment! I was so occupied with preparations that I missed your post about your back pain! This post was fun to read though! I love reading your ramblings, I can't help laughing! I hope you are feeling better soon, dear Deborah! Sending Hugs!

Janet Ribet

When I didn't see any new posts, I guessed your back must have been seriously out. Loved your post - my brain seems to work like that & I'm not even on meds! Hope it gets better soon.

Judy Jung

Glad to find a post here today! Have been checking so as to find a clue to how you are doing! I'm with Nancy: Gigi and DH need to step up to the plate and take charge!

We leave for Wisconsin tomorrow to celebrate my birthday with kids and grandkids. Preparing for a trip falls to me and my husband spends ten minutes packing his suitcase and he is done!

I will be spending time at Archiver's in Middleton, near Madison, Wisconsin and that is second only to seeing the family!!

I pray for daily improvement in your muscle situation! Don't worry about state capitals anymore; that never comes up in a conversation!! Hugs, Judy


Ah! I should check blogs more often. :) So glad the cards are cheering you up! You really are so hilarious! My hubby and I are state capital nuts, too. (Have to draw the line at the state flower and such, though).

May I suggest... if it's too difficult for anyone else to empty the dishwasher, USE PAPER PLATES!!! Not that I want to encourage using up earth's resources, but this can help you get through the day with a little more sanity without having to REMEMBER to REMIND someone else to do it. :)

It's too bad that at a time when your mailbox is bringing good cheer, you can't be the first to greet it yourself!

Btw, my pharm.D. makes me a legalized drug pusher, so to speak. Just say the word, and I'll hook you up! Too bad I don't have any access right now. (j/k... in case any authorities read this and think I'm serious). But I can request the Great Physician to give you what you need!

Deborah Nolan


You are a treasure! Thank you for giving me a wonderful giggle!


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