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July 17, 2010


Heather Maria

Aww Deborah that's such an adorable card! Love the sweet image and the colours are beautiful! Brilliant tip - it works every time!


what a fabulous card Deborah! Love the image and the flowing background, it's like the eternal love from a mother to her child. Awesome tip too :)
Thank you so much for organizing this blog hop. You're super sweet :)

Barb :)

What a sweet card you've made for Paula, Deb! Love the pretty colors!


Deborah, sweet idea and no blog here--but Welcome Lilly! Congrats to Paula and have fun with your new baby, Em! She will love you lots! Here's my tip--enjoy each stage and don't wish the time away. You already know this, b/c you have Em, but it's worth repeating. Each stage has its pluses and minuses...work hard at finding the pluses! Best Wishes! charlene from ha flickr (luvreadnbooks)

Karen G (BC)

Just finished blog hopping... have a post on my blog:


I did go to Arlene's page, but I didn't see the post for Lilly, even after reloading the page.. not sure what happened there.


Deborah, what a wonderful lady you are, so thoughtful! this blog hop is fantastic! I can't wait to see Paula's face this morning - Im heading over there in just over an hour! heeheee

Dawn T

Love the card you have made Deborah. Great tip as well. Awesome job of organizing as well.

Linda W.

Such a sweet baby card, Deborah, and the hop was a great idea!


Hello Deborah :D thank you for doing this for me (& any helpers you have). What a wonderful thing to do.

Judy Jung

Wonderful, wonderful posts everyone! This is such a caring group and Deborah, you are so kind to do the organizing! My advice to any new mom: savor the years you have with your children! Make as many good memories as you can, as you will spend many years pondering. I love having adult children now; they are such interesting people and I love to hear their stories about their growing up years! Welcome, Lilly, and hugs to you, Paula! What a good job you did!!

Lucille K

Hi Deborah,
Love the card you have made, adorable. You're wonderful to get together with all the other's to do such a nice blog hop for Paul and her family.
Thanks :)

Alice W.

very pretty and sweet card, Deborah! LOVE your clever tip!! even though we don't have kids, i'll try that on our two cats!! =) have a wonderful Sunday!


I had computer problems, but the post is up now.

Love the card, so very pretty. I was all excited for Paula too.

Anne Gaal

Hi, Deborah! Such a sweet card you made! And your tip about sharing is spot on! :-)


Hi hun, sorry to have missed out on the blog hop but I was sunning myself on a beach in Greece! Hope you are feeling a little more chipper by now, love your card - such an adorable image! Jo x

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