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August 2, 2010


Barb :)

Hi Deborah! So nice to hear that you're feeling better! And I'm happy that you enjoyed all the wonderful cards, sent with lots of love and good thoughts! Big hugs! :)

Heather Maria

Deborah, I'm delighted to hear that you're feeling much better! Thanks for sharing all these wonderful cards from your friends!

Alice W.

so happy to hear that you are feeling better! thanks for sharing the sweet cards you received, too! have a wonderful day!!

Joy Taylor

So pleased that you are feeling much better Deborah, gain your strength lovey, we will all be here when you return. Hugs!

Tomo H.

Hi, Deborah! It's been a while!
Glad to know that you are feeling much better!

Sorry, I didn't know at all that you weren't in good condition. I've been in some trouble just after I appeared the HA social club - my Dad has been in hospital again. And I've been thinking that I have to contact you ASAP, Deborah..., but I couldn't.
I thought whether I send you an e-mail or not quite a while. But I decided to leave you a message here. Because you need not to write the reply.

Please take care and take it easy, Deborah! I'm thinking of you! And I'll contact you again after you recovered.
Sorry for my long message.
Hugs, Tomo

P.S. I sent my message after changing my e-mail address. The one you've known sometimes doesn't work well even now.


Deborah, sorry to see my card got a little bent out of shape!!!! Put it in the mail before I went on holidays (in a rush!) and thought I had enough "hard" around it.... anyhow... it got to you which is the main thing! Hope you are feeling a little better. Hugs. Dee

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