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August 26, 2010


Yvette K

Oh Deborah, reading your blog always put a smile on my face. For me you are a Funny Girl! You have the ability to brighten up my day! Thank you!


Funny Girl indeed! And I have talked to you on the phone so I know that the wit is there in person too!

Barb :)

I, for one, wish I had your wit! I also wish I could at least be funny when I write! I LOVE visiting your blog! It puts a smile on my face, every, single time! And more often than not, I also find myself laughing out loud! Love ya, Deb!


I love your sense of humor and timing, Deborah......and I'd love to meet you someday.

Kelly Booth

I Lurve U!! You Crazy woman.....


You know I live for all these compliments, right?

Thanks for putting a smile on MY face, ladies! And if we ever meet, I will try to prepare beforehand. (Gigi has promised the loan of a prime joke book - resplendent with knock-knock jokes - that's positively slaying the 3rd grade....)


You are officially 'a hoot' babe! Hope this return to form means that you are feeling more your old self! Jo x

Alice W.

i would love to meet you some day, funny girl! love reading your blog! thanks for making me smile every time i visit! =)

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