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September 23, 2010


Virginia L.

LOVE this program and I shall share it with my DH. He will laugh his head off! He likes to say "Resist is Futile". So true!


Okay, girl, you have nailed this! My particular favorite is step #8; this will really come in handy!
Thanks, Deborah, for your wonderful humor - so glad that you're back full-steam!!


My favorite step is #4. It's not that I lie, it's just that I keep finding the stamps I a) forgot to put away, b) stuck under my bed, refrigerator, and back room closet because I didn't have enough space, or c) haven't yet arrived in the post. I jest, I jest, I jest exaggerated a little. WRE

Barb :)

Oh, I needed that laugh today! It is such a treat to come read your blog! I cannot think of a better 12-step program! Love it! I won't be showing this to my hubby though. Ya see, he has NO CLUE how much stamps cost and I would hate it if he started asking questions!

Alice W.

no, can't do step 9... stock there... any solution? =) can't part with most of my stamp... that's probably a worse disease... LOL! love this, Deborah! hubby will love this!


LOL thank you for the much-needed laugh! And I am one of those who need this 12 step program. Thank you!

Sarah M

Hee hee! Love this! :)

Hannah Means

You are such a hoot! I wish you lived next door!

Dawn T

LOL... this is a stunner..... LOVE It. I'm going to print it out and put it on my notice-board. Note I didn't say I will follow it, just have it handy.!!!!!!!


Thank you for this very insightful 12 step program..I used it at Swirlydoos, changed a few words around and gave you credit...This made me giggle!!

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