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February 23, 2011


Susan Butler

Hilarious Deborah, I was in need of some light humour, thank you so much for putting a smile back on my face.
I have stopped watching the TV coverage as I am finding it too distressing to watch. It is going to be NZ worse Natural disaster, small scale in comparison to 9/11 but we are a very small country, so for us it affects everyone.

Barb :)

Looks familiar, Deborah. You are not alone! I am in serious need of a cleaning lady and I don't even have the excuse of recovering from surgery! I have a difficult time cleaning in the winter. . .all the wet snow, dirt and grime comes back in the door anyway, so I might as well wait for Spring. Of course, in this frozen, snow blanketed state, that may not happen for a few more months! Then of course I won't want to clean because it'll be too nice to stay inside. . .ahhh, the excuses. . .I have a million of them, with the most used one being cardmaking, of course! Good luck, and when it's all cleaned up, please show the after photos! :)

Dawn T

Great post Deborah... I know the feeling... but now it's just my "room" - with only hubby and me, thinks tend to stay reasonable tidy except in my space.... You'll just have to start to crack the whip a bit harder to bring them into line.... Now how many thoughts have passed through the brain???????


Deborah you made my day! I know exactly where you are coming from. My 4 yr old is ready to "join slobs 'r' us" grrrr ;P xoxoxoxo


You bring smiles again! There is no ways I can think 2000 thoughts in one minute . . . that's 33 in one second. Must have come from living in the tropics and the heat has slowed me down.


Ahhh, I remember those days.....this too shall pass (if you can live through it) :))


Hi Deborah, I so love reading your blog. It always put a smile on my face :), and that's something everyone needs. And about the disorder, don't worry it goes away, we've all had it sometimes.
Wish you a lovely day!


Y'all make ME smile with your comments! Thank you for your support!!!


Oh my! ha ha ha! I totally relate to that... with 2 kids under 5! Don't make your creative mind worry about this... you have other things to think of!!!! ;)
it's a "creative mess" as I call it.
You will get everything in order before you know it. Now should I post a photo of my craft room as it is now, to make you feel better?!

Judy Jung

You are a brave woman, documenting with photos a very temporary state of affairs in your home! Hope by now the housekeeping fairies have arrived and all is sparkling clean again!


Ah, you totally just made my day. I have a 1 year old, and both my husband and I are way too busy with work to even think about housework. Messy misery loves company!
And thanks for the encouragement, Lin :)

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