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March 16, 2011



You my dear are a riot! ;) I'm sorry your brain doesn't know how to shut down. I'm like that too. But it's amazing how you can still do so much on very little sleep. Take care xoxoxoxoxo

PS I think you need steel caps!

Dawn T

What a hoot... but I can agree~ nothing worse than having an active mind when all you want to do is go to sleep... my problems is that I wake at around 4.30 and the same thing happens. Hope you get some sleep tonight... Hang in there.


Hey, welcome to my world! I too have an over active night brain and a regular need to go visit the bathroom... I also once broke my toe (the one with the thing for roast beef dinners) so can totally empathise! I had a toe of many colours for weeks. Hugs, Jo x

Barb :)

Oh, Deborah, I just about spewed my coffee onto the computer screen just now! You DO make me laugh! I've broken more than one baby toe in my day. . .not fun! Hurts like crazy! Each time that it's happened, someone tells me that I need to slow down, which they wouldn't tell me if they knew me well enough. I'm also one of those "night owls," so I can totally relate to that. Why is it that men can lay their heads down, totally turn off their brains and be asleep within 5 minutes? Hang in there and hopefully you'll get better sleep tonight! Hugs! :)


Ouch! Just like you to turn your pain into a giggle for us......hope you're feeling better!


Wow Deborah! Just found out! Is it better now? I sure hope so!Have a relaxing Sunday (well what it's left of it). Hugs

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