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August 9, 2011


Maria Fernanda

every single little thing about that last photo of Gigi is so sweet...from the look on her face to the delicate pose to the slip in her hair - not to mention the joy in her eyes as well as your cousin's... what a great shot!

Maria Fernanda

*flip... in her hair... :)


I love posts like this, Deborah. You always make me giggle! Can't believe how grown up Gigi looks. You have a beautiful daughter! Hope you get caught up. . .I know just how difficult that can be.


welcome home, Deborah! Thanks for sharing the story & the wonderful photos! I can so relate to leaving the house in a total state of disaster and wonder what the thieves might think in case of a break in - made me laugh!!
I hope you get caught up soon ...


Gigi is so sweet in these photos, giving the bride a run for her money...just saying! Glad you are home and working on card sketches...that can only mean beautimous cards are in the works!


I love weddings! Gigi is growing up! It's been awhile since I've seen her, thanks so much for sharing these pics, Deborah. Hope you get to have a little breather now!

Dawn T

Great post... loved the photos and Gigi looked adorable. What a great event for her... something she'll always remember. You can see the exuberance in the photo of her dancing... looks like her Mom!


Gorgeous, gorgeous photos, so special!! Looks like everyone had so much fun! I miss going to weddings...lol...guess everyone I know is already married...now we just have to wait for the young ones to grow up. ;)

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