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May 31, 2012


Renee VanEpps

I'm sad that LPC is going away, but I completely understand and am grateful to you and Vicky for everything you put into it! It was great fun while it lasted!! And super happy that you and Vicky aren't leaving the blogosphere altogether!

Nancy Krueger

Well that was an eloquent and heartfelt missive my dear friend! I have to say I'm quite choked up knowing Lily Pad Cards is a done deal. I look forward to many more adventures with you and if they include a tutorial on finagling my own blinkies I would be oh so happy! I know you will make excellent use of this gift of more time and I for one can't wait to see what you do next.
Sending you many blessings and lots of love!


You already know how I feel, Deborah - going to really miss The Pond, but am so happy that you'll be continuing your own blog, which I happen to think is fabulous! Sending you lots of hugs! :)

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