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October 23, 2012


Dawn T

gorgeous card Deborah. So glad that things are coming along so well with Gigi. I'm sure she feels better about life too... being able to deal calmly with things will help. Take care of all of yourselves.

Linda C Baker

so glad your daughter is doing better and you are finding some solutions. Take care.


We are and went through this same issue with Kaitlin. If you want to talk let me know.


Hi, Deborah! I love the ccc card you made - so pretty! Glad to hear that the medication is helping your daughter to be able to function a little more normally. I'm sure you will be able to get it "just right" for her little body. It is amazing how far they have come with the treatment for ADHD.

Looking forward to next month's ccc!

janet aka swanlady21

Love the button flowers!
You can only go one step at a time - may you have steady progress. You're in my thoughts.

Cat Craig

Great flowers. Love the buttons. Hope your progress with Gigi's concerns continues.


So happy to hear the early results are positive. Fine tuning is the key and things will change again as she gets older, but this is awesome news!!!

...and it's a beautiful card, but the way. Love the added accents of stickles and colored pencil shading.


I love this card, Deborah! Great flowers and beautiful subtle sparkle accents on the leaves...love that! So glad to hear things are going well for Gigi, I've been thinking about her (and you)! Thanks for the update!


Y'all are THE BEST! (I can't say it enough.) Thanks for the love and support - it's so appreciated!


I am glad Gigi's first day back to school went well! Lovely card.

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