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November 13, 2012


Judy Jung

That is genius!! Looks like it would hold about 88 markers!! Don't you love it when you get such a great idea!!


This is brilliant! Such a great idea...now I can display my Copics instead of using a rubber band to hold them! Thanks for the idea.

Cindy C.

Awesome, you're so smart Deborah!

Dawn T

Brilliant idea.


Great idea Deborah. Now off to the op shop to find one.

Arlene from California, USA

Oh, that is GOOD! Who's brilliant? Deborah is! One great idea.

kelly Booth

Way too Smart you are Girly....Looks Fabulous!

Kim M.

This is a fabulous idea! Love it!


As much as I would LOOOOOVE to take credit for this, I didn't think of it. I'm just passing it along! Thanks for all the love, though!


Yes this is a great idea and I loved it so much I went to buy one of these and can not find it anywhere! Do you have any suggestions? Maybe I can try a thrift store.

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