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February 9, 2013



LOVE the French music! Your video was fun, informative and so easy to follow. I'd never seen the tip of using a second large stamp to make a better impression - Thanks, Deborah!

Judy Jung

I have white pen envy!! Mine never works that well! You are a pro at editing, Deborah!! Great video and the music was delightful!! Oh, and a "bunny ears" bow?? who knew?? Hugs.


Thanks for the stamping tip - I would never have thought of that. ;-)

Good video, just a few suggestions. I would try to center your work on the screen so that it isn't covered by the white background behind the text (perhaps don't use a backgrpund with your text?). I'd also suggest spending a bit more screen time and more text on some of the steps in your video, e.g., the layering of your hearts and bows - I missed it and had to go back to see what you were doing.

I hope these are the first of many videos for you. TFS ;-)


Love your second video, Deborah! The music was fun and, of course, we loved the joke. When I was a kid, I told the same one, except instead of Will, it was "lettuce" knocking. Made me feel 8 again. ;)


Great video - the music was delightful! I have to try that bow, looks really simple when you do it. Pretty card, thanks, Deborah!


Thanks for the comments and support, everyone!

Diana, I was using a different piece of equipment to hold my camera when I filmed this second video, and I couldn't agree more about the need to move my work upward to the center of the screen. Thank you for the feedback about adding more written instructions! I need advice as I'm a novice with video making and appreciate all the feedback I can get!

Cindy C.

Really enjoyed this video Deborah! The two stamps trick, I must try. I haven't got any good result using my Envelope Background stamp. Thanks for sharing!

Linda W.

Enjoyed your video, Deborah - fun card and I must remember the trick with the pointy tool to grab the glue dots!

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