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February 6, 2013


janet aka swanlady21

So happy you gave this tip Deborah. I always link to the permalink, but I went the long way round to get it! (and Grrrr to those who don't link to the permalink - very frustrating)

Judy Jung


OK, so how does this help someone visiting my blog, etc. How do outsiders find this Permalink? I learned how to click on the icon, and copy it here, but how would I access it if I wanted it in the future? Sorry ... I have an aging brain!

Grá O'Neill

Super tip, off to pin it :)

Linda W.

Very helpful, Deborah - thanks for sharing!!


Judy, the permalink is the web address for your individual post. So instead of linking to your blog's general address, you would link to the actual post's address. Readers who clicked on the link would arrive at that specific post.

If you want to access a post's permalink in the future, there are a few different ways to do it. (1) click on the post's title, which will load that page. Then you copy the web address from the address bar. (2) Open up the original blog post and get it just like you did here. (3) Look at the bottom of your post. (Look at mine above - right under the row of three pictures of other posts you might like and right above the icons for Pinterest, Twitter, etc.

In this area of my post above, It says: Posted in How-To, Technology / Permalink. If you click on Permalink, it will open the individual post (if you're on my home page, i.e. general address) or reload the individual post if you're already on the page for the individual post.

The most useful thing about the permalink is that you can share it with someone in advance of your post being published. Next time we do a Hostess Hop, I'll ask you to give me your post's permalink rather than your blog's home page address.

Does that help any?

Email me, woman! (hee-hee-hee!)

Sue Speck

How would I acquire a permalink from someone else's blog? Let's say I want to put a link in my blog to a specific post on someone else's. Would I have access to this sort of info from someone else's "back room"? Meanwhile, thanks for this info re permalinks: never heard of them before and didn't know I needed them. Now I can see why I do and I appreciate your taking the time to educate us non-techie types!

Heather Doran

Oh Deborah, thanks a million, I didn't have a clue that a permalink is created as soon as a post is titled! Thanks so much for explaining it all so well! I've just pinned your post:)


Sue, if you want to link to someone else's particular post, all you have to do is go to that post and copy and paste its URL address into your blog post using the link feature. For example, my blog's general address will get you to my blog, but not to this specific post about permalinks. But once you;re at my blog, if you click on the title How to Find Your permalink, the page will reload, and it will be this article and nothing more. If you go up to the URL address, you will see it reads: http://dominodebi.typepad.com/sos/2013/02/how-to-find-your-permalink.html. This address is what you would copy and paste into your post as a link to this article.


Thanks, Heather! I'm glad you got something out of it!!!

Arlene from California, USA

Fantastic information. Thank you so much!

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