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February 5, 2013


Ava Sloane

Happy to join the February CCC. Thanks so much Deborah!


looking forward to it!!

janet aka swanlady21

So glad we are playing again Deborah! Thanks for organising it It wouldn't accept my blog address in general. Had to link to a specific blog post ... and I haven't made the card yet, so it's just one of the last ones I posted. OK?


That works for me, Janet! I think I chose for a specific post address without thinking. I'll see if I can fix that. Thanks, Ladies, for signing up!!!

Cornelia (fun stamping)

How fun! Sorry that you have to look at my avatar - I don't have a picture of myself on my blog... Looking forward to the challenge, thanks for organizing it, Deborah!

janet aka swanlady21

I have referenced your challenge on my blog and on this flickr card

Greta H

Maria told me the CCC was back & I'm planning to join in. Thanks, Deborah.


Yay! I thought I was going to miss out. Now to get cracking & make my card. Woo Hoo to you Deborah, love this

Daria Z.

Hi Deborah! I clicked on the voting button below my name - I thought it would take me to another screen to see the various cards to vote for. But all it did was say I have one vote. Help!!

Cornelia (fun stamping)

Hi Deborah,

I still don't understand how we can see the cards - like I have not yet posted the blog entry about the card I made ans sent to Sanna and I can't see anybody elses cards either - I have the same problem as Daria - help me too! Shall I now post he card? Or are you sending them out, since you have a picture of them? HELP!

Cornelia (fun stamping)

Hi Deborah, I decided to now publish my card on my blog - I have something else to do right now and can't sit on the computer.... So if anybody wants to see my card here is the link:


I can't vote anymore as I had the same problem as Daria.
Too bad, I thought I wait until Sanna has received my card - to keep it a surprise. But maybe she won't look....

Dawn T

Not sure I totally did this right Deborah. I've added my avatar and a link to my blog, but I haven't linked the card yet. I've decided to sent an older one I did a while back as I've run out of time to create something special. But it's not on my blog yet as a CCC. I'll send you a pic though.

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