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April 11, 2013


Dawn T

OMG - lucky no one was hurt. But what a thing to come home too. Hope that there is no major damage to your foundations.


Oh my... So bizarre. I am glad to hear that no one was hurt because they sure could have been!

Linda C Baker

Wow! How strange! Glad injuries and hope your house is fixed soon!


You can't make this stuff up!! I'm so glad nobody was seriously injured, but sorry you missed the excitement. Wow!

Joy Taylor

Strueth!! seriously that would be more excitement then I could handle, I would be seriously shocked as I am reading your post..I hope that they can get it all fixed up for you xx

Judy Jung

so, was the inside of the house in chaos? maybe you can convince the insurance company that was all a part of the hit and run!!

Seriously, considering the amount of damage done, it is amazing no one was hurt! Welcome home!


Wow... I was shaking my head the whole time I read your blog...I'm sooo sorry! I am glad no one in your household was injured though I'm sure you ended up with the mess! Hope everything with the insurance goes well.

Ava Sloane

Deborah, that story is unreal but I'm glad you weren't at home and that it's structural. You must be shaking your head in wonderment every time you look at the porch.


Now that's one for the records.

Cornelia (fun stamping)

OMG - thank god you and your family did not get injured!

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