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May 28, 2013


Judy Jung

The card is stunning, the video delightful and I had no idea there was anything amiss!! (I love the word amiss: so much nicer than wrong!) I prescribe an entire pint of ice cream and a long nap!! Hugs.

Kim M.

Oh Deborah! LOL! I've been there and done that kind of thing too many times to count. :-). Great card by the way!

Star Bustamonte

I feel your pain. It's been that kind of month, I'm sorry to say. I got off work early today and am now in bed with an entire cheesecake, just so you know... Hang in there.

Linda C Baker

Anxious to watch the video. Isn't that always the way it is? Hang in there!


I can see the white coats in the distance.....

One down.... :) Take care, Arlene


Thanks, everyone, for the moral support - you have me laughing!

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