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July 5, 2013


Karen G  (Cardcrazed)

For those who have space issues, you can buy these neat 5.9 L containers at Wal Mart. They also hold 8.5 x 11 inch paper. I simply buy the 8.5 x 11 inch magnetic sheets, and stick several dies/sets to one page. I have dividers that hold one magnetic sheet each, and those get put into the Wal Mart container. I don't have a huge collection right now, so everything fits into one container. My friend, who found the containers to begin with, has 3 or 4 now to hold all her dies :)


Cool idea, Karen - TFS!


Deborah, this is amazing! I don't have anywhere near 300 dies, but I can see how handy (and cheap) this storage solution would be. I actually do store my Nestabilities in plastic CD cases in a similar basket and my dies are in their original envys in another wicker basket. Since I am slowly acquiring a few more dies (my budget is probably smaller than yours) I will keep this idea of yours in mind, Thanks for sharing!


What a great idea! I saw Jennifer's idea and thought it was cool--but $ is also an issue. This looks great and affordable! TFS!

Laura Bassen

Love your storage ideas! Fabulous video, too! Thanks for sharing this!

Dawn T

superb idea Deborah. I must try and find something like those cd covers here in NZ. I've just purchased a number of Memory Box dies. My local store has just started to stock them and I LOVE them.

Ruth S

Great system! I created a wall-mounted frame system for my dies, and although I certanly don't have anything like 300+ in my collection it has really grown with different types and brands of die. I'm really needing to update my die storage, so thanks for the idea! Rx
PS. If you want to take a look at my die storage I blogged it here:


I have my dies on magnetic sheets and 8 1/2 x 11 binder sleeves in a binder. It works for now but the binder is awfully heavy! this system is super nice too!


Ruth, up until my new system implementation, I had all of my Nesties on three magnetic knife holders, but I outgrew that and had taken to putting the rest of them in plastic baggies and hanging them up using those Clip-It-Up clips. I like your framed solution - decorative AND functional!


Pai, I like the binder idea a lot, but I hear what you're saying about the thing starting to get heavy! I think it's a good example of how storage solutions change as our needs change. This is my fourth die storage system (and I hope my last) - LOL!


Dawn, you've done it now - LOL! Let the addiction begin!!!

Lisa (ThePurplePlace)

I LOVE this idea and also THANK YOU for sharing the PDF files. Like you, I have 100's of dies, (not 300) at least not yet, but I'm a huge fan of Memory Box, not to mention all the Nestie dies I own and of course, a kazillion others now on the market.

I really need a new way to store them so that I don't' duplicate my purchases, as I have already done, MORE than once! ON the upside, those dups I often RAK to craft friends, so my loss is their gain!! :)

sharon c

I am using the same type of system with subjects, but I use a STERELITE (brand) plastic box with lid and a handle (walmart or london drugs . any place that has the STERELITE brand) I like the handle because things are getting heavy and it helps to move it around. The lid locks on so I don't have as big a problem with it spilling. It is big enough to store my memory box alphabets as well. I also just use the memory box sleeves that the dies come and I can see the picture on the front.

Sabrina Radican

OMG!!! I am green with envy that you are on the Memory Box team and have all those dies!!! I just absolutely love Memory Box!! I have only just started collecting them but boy I sure am loving the new release!!!


Great system, Deborah! I love how you can rearrange and expand the system as your collection grows. Thanks for sharing the how-to with us!


Lisa, I so feel your pain re: buying what you already have - the true sign of an addict! RAK gifting is a very good solution. On July 11th I'll be doing Part II of my die storage system which deals with over-sized and nesting dies. I think you'll like it!


Sharon, I will definitely look into your Sterilite solution because I definitely need something to transport my dies when I travel. I envy your ability to store dies in their packaging. We team members receive our dies loose in advance, so no pretty envelopes for me - sniff-sniff!


Sabrina, MB dies are to die for - lol! I hope this system will work for you as your collection grows. Thanks for commenting!


Trinh! So glad to hear from you! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!


This is a great solution. I am at the point that I need to do something other than what I have. I am envious of your luck at being on the MB design team, they are my favorite dies :-) again, thanks so much for your great ideas.
Hugs, antonella :-)


I'm glad you found some useful ideas here, Antonella. Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment!

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